Pink diamonds – Facts you need to know before buying them


Pink has always been the colour of choice in the fashion industry. Owing to its versatility and popularity, the world is now turning towards pink diamonds as well. The argyle pink diamonds in Australia, Australia being their biggest home, are exceptionally gorgeous and highly suspired by all. They are also one of the rarest and most expensive diamonds. For that reason, they are considered a symbol of royalty and are often associated with celebrities and monarchs.

All these reasons along with their exclusivity make them a tough buy for many aspirers. So, here we bring up some interesting and important facts about pink diamonds that you should know before buying them.

  • These gems are expensive.

An epitome of luxury, a pink diamond is the most expensive and prestigious stone in the coloured genre. They can even cost up to several hundred thousand dollars for each carat. What makes them the most pricy is the fact that pink is the rarest diamond colour and the good quality of these diamonds is hard to find.

  • They are a rare form of diamonds.

Experts often say that pink diamonds form only a fraction as little as 0.001 per cent of all the diamonds. These are the scarcest form of diamond that is found only in a hand full of mines across the world. If you own one, you can easily consider it as an investment portfolio item.

  • Their colour origin is mysterious.

Another factor that makes pink diamonds unique is their colour. It is no brainer that colour is the pivotal factor to assess coloured diamonds. Each diamond gets its colour from the dominant element that is present in it during its formation. For instance, blue comes from boron and yellow comes from nitrogen.

However, pink is a mystery and nobody knows exactly what brings this colour. One explanation for it is the presence of some compressed structures called plastic deformations that result in pink colour.

  • They have different colour combinations.

The family of pink diamonds has several hues. Some popular ones are grey, orange, brown, brownish purple, and purple. While the purest and the most intense pink is most valued, purplish pink is considered the most popular. The variation in the intensity of all these hues gives you an overwhelming range to choose from. For instance, you can have shades from intense purplish pink to faint purplish pink.

  • These are valued differently.

Pink or coloured diamonds are valued differently as compared to colourless diamonds. While for colourless diamonds the 4C rule applies, colour is the primary determinant for pink diamonds. Brownish pink costs relatively lesser as compared to purplish pink.

As a general rule, the price goes up with the intensity of the colour. Not to mention, the other 3Cs, clarity, cut, and carat, also play their role in pricing.

  • Know about enhanced pink diamonds

Given the pricy nature of pink diamonds, most people look for affordable alternatives. Apart from synthetic pink diamonds that are developed by men in highly controlled lab environments, enhanced diamonds are also a popular option.

These are essentially refined stones with minimum flaws and highly enhanced characteristics and appearance. They go through some additional treatment processes before they are sold in the market and put a much smaller dent in your pockets.

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