Reasons to Hire an Outside Venue for the Christmas Party

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You might have been thinking for a while now about what to do for the company Christmas party. It has been held in the office before, and other times at outside venues. This year there are staffers lobbying to book your Christmas party venue in Melbourne CBD for a real fun and stylish event.

Sure, there are merits on both sides but the scales should always tip in favour of an outside venue, and below are some of the best reasons why:

Reason 1: Protect the Office

First things first, a Christmas party at the office is just inviting people to damage things in the office as the “merriment” continues on into the evening. The old stereotype of people photocopying their rears is well-founded. Beyond that, protection extends not just to the physical items within the office, but the people and the company, too.

Office parties in that kind of environment have been known to be the scene of controversial or regrettable scenes, including people striking up romantic dalliances, or instances where one’s advances aren’t exactly welcomed. These are all things that you don’t want to happen, ever, but especially not anywhere near company property.

Reason 2: Easier Organisation

Let’s face facts, using an outside venue takes a huge amount of pressure off those in charge of organising a party. There is an added cost to using an outside venue, but if the extra expense is seen more as a premium on sheer convenience, then it becomes very good value indeed. What’s more, spending a bit more money is an excellent way of letting your staff know that you appreciate all their hard work this year.

Many central venues are highly experienced in organising Christmas parties and thus can take everything in hand with minimum input. When you can hand off so many aspects of the organisation to another venue, the whole experience becomes much more enjoyable.

Reason 3: Change of Scenery

Who wants to be in the office for a party, really? Having the Christmas party at an outside venue provides your hardworking staff with a much-appreciated change of scenery and really allows them to let their hair down and relax. People deserve an upgrade when they’ve been working hard, and a swanky downtown restaurant venue is perfect for that. If you’re still in the office for the party, it can all feel just a bit much like still being stuck at work, but with alcohol and some music. That’s not very Christmassy.

Reason 4: No Cleaning Up

One very big advantage of an outside venue is that they handle absolutely everything from the setup to the cleanup. Not one cup, one glass, one fork or knife has to be cleaned by any member of staff during or after the party. Your office cleaning crew also isn’t burdened with excessive party mess like streamers, balloons, party poppers and other debris left behind from the previous night’s revelries.

So, everyone gets to enjoy a stress-free environment being waited on hand and foot. It’s the best way to guarantee everyone will be having fun and a small number of staff won’t be left behind at the end stuck with cleaning duties.

Reason 5: Better Food and Drink on Offer

Finally, you can get catering for an in-office Christmas party, but it’s never going to be quite as fresh and delicious as food prepared on-site by your venue that hasn’t had to travel. On top of that, a venue will invariably have a bar and mixologist where one can enjoy real tasty beverages as opposed to luke-warm champagne in paper cups at the office. It’s Christmas and people want a break, let’s put in some effort, shall we?


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