Reuse Revolution Launches on the Mornington Peninsula


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The Mornington Peninsula is serious about tackling landfill and litter, with leading hospitality venues and coffee lovers saying goodbye to single-use cups.

A first for Victoria, the Peninsula’s ‘Plastic Pree Places’ initiative is launching a reuse revolution at Commonfolk Coffee and HomeGround in Mornington, culminating in ‘BYO Cup Day’ on 08 and 09 December.

The program is funded by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and delivered by national NGO Boomerang Alliance who represent 55 allies across Australia to tackle waste and litter.

Birte Moliere, Boomerang Alliance’s Plastic Free Places Facilitator explains: “Over three weeks, we invite the community to opt for reusables instead of disposable cups, with the goal of achieving 100% coffee in reusables on #BYOCupDay. By working with leading venues, other businesses can see how to achieve the transition and how much it benefits the environment, the venue’s reputation and bottom line.”

Australians use a mind blowing 2.7 million single-use coffee cups per day — that’s 1 billion each year – the equivalent of 16,000 single use cups are being landfilled or littered on the Peninsula every day.

“By the time your single use cup has reached your hand, it has already left a big environmental footprint. Using up fossil fuel, paper and water resources, plus the carbon emissions resulting from its round-the-world production trip, the environmental price of a single-use cup is high”, says Birte.

Sam Keck, Co-Founder of renowned ethical coffee roaster and venues such as Commonfolk and social enterprise HomeGround says: “Collectively, small steps like saying no to single use cups make a really big difference. It’s also a big plus for your taste buds — a great barista style coffee tastes so much better from a nice cup! It’s one small change with many benefits and we’re excited to see so many coffee fans getting on board the reuse revolution.”

Sam adds: “The costs we save in packaging are either passed on to our customers or redirected to support our community. At Home Ground for example, the packaging costs saved go directly to support youth at risk. Single use cups cost venues btw 20-50 cents, so it quickly adds up”.



  • FRIDAY 8 December Commonfolk Coffee | 16 Progress Street
  • SATURDAY 9 December Homeground | 22 Robertson Drive

Media opportunity is available at both venues.

To continue to support reuse on the Peninsula, you can head down to Commonfolk Coffee and Homeground in Mornington any time before or after BYO CUP DAYS.

BYO CUP DIRECTORY: a new BYO CUP Friendly directory will be ready in time for the summer holidays listing other venues championing the reuse revolution. To be listed, sign up at

If you own a hospitality business and would like to take your sustainability to the next level and inspire your community to follow your lead, sign up to the project at This project is delivered by not-for-profit organisation Boomerang Alliance and supported by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.

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