Revenge of the Gweilo Directed by Nathan Hill

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Local Indy feature film cleans up on the film festival circuit, gains sales agent and worldwide distribution!

Revenge Of The Gweilo directed By Nathan HillAfter cleaning up on the festival circuit, firstly official selection for the trailer alone in Boston, and then was Official Selection at the Action on Film Festival in L.A. Following this ROTG won Best Action Feature at the Indie Gathering International FF. They also won Best Original Music Score at the Prestige Awards and a whole bunch of others. Everyone is very happy with the results.

Nathan: We have been very lucky in securing worldwide rights and a sales rep through the festival circuit, which has led to distribution. Currently your best and most immediate way to see the film is on AMAZON PRIME. So far we are on VOD in Japan, USA, Germany and the UK. In Germany they have even been calling the film Drive 2 !? As the main character wears a scorpion jacket similar to the one Ryan Gosling wears in Drive.

There is also an eBook on the making of the film available at iBooks. ‘Making Revenge of the Gweilo: A Director’s Diary‘. It’s my first ever eBook at 35,000 words. The idea came when some colleagues of mine kept encouraging me to write a book about my film experiences. As I was keeping a detailed journal when I made Gweilo I thought this would be the best way to start off. I killed two birds with one stone as I was able to talk about Indy filmmaking in general, my experiences, and the ROTG journey. 

The best thing about it is the photographs. Behind the scenes stills that you can’t find anywhere else on the subject. There are detailed accounts of the casting process, who was originally hired and then pulled out, the many ups and downs affiliated with Indy filmmaking and my near death experience fighting a real Sumo wrestler in the final bout. Honestly it’s a very enjoyable book to read, so I’ve been told. 
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