Safety First: 5 Useful Ways To Childproof Your Home 

mohammad shahhosseini cpwuodavxjk unsplash
mohammad shahhosseini cpwuodavxjk unsplash

Your home can be the right place to care for your baby and still the most dangerous place to have them around. 

Ideally, most traumatic injuries and child deaths happen right inside the home. There are many items you should always keep far away from your child if you want them to be safe. It’s called baby-proofing your home for the child.

You can decide to take online tutoring in Australia to create some more time for your child. In this article, we look at some five ways you can child-proof your home to make it safe having your toddler around.

1. Observe bath safety rules

Most young children meet their untimely death through drowning. This is one of the most prevalent causes of child deaths.

If you want to make your child safe at home, you must ensure you are more cautious when bathing her. Simple rule: do not step out of the bathtub and leave your child unattended. It can result in serious repercussions.

2. Install physical barriers around pools

If you are lucky to have a fish pond or a swimming pool at home, the least you can do is make it accessible for your kids. Most kids drown in swimming pools when they go swimming without someone watching them. Some slip into pools while wandering around the home playing.

If your swimming pool is a bit close to your doorstep, you should fence it or have some barrier installed there to prevent your children from accessing it when you are not around. The more barriers you have, the better because it’s almost impossible to keep your kids under a 24/7 radar.

3. Make sleeping place safe

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a common risk factor if you have your child sleeping in a different room as you. It is vital to have your child sleeping in the same room as you until they are six months old.

To ensure your child is sleeping safely, you must remove anything that can pose a suffocation hazard. Remove all the pillows, blankets, and toys that can suffocate your child when they are asleep. Create enough sleeping space for the child and ensure the room is well ventilated to allow some clean air.

4. Keep your guns safe

Kids like to explore and discover new things out of curiosity. If you have a loaded gun somewhere in the closet, don’t be surprised when you find them playing with it one day. Keep your firearm away from your kid. You can unload the gun and keep it in a locked safe.

5. Lock up anything poisonous

If your baby is below two years, you must be watchful. Sometimes what could be missing in your kitchen is a safe place to store cleaning supplies. Items such as vitamins, cosmetics, medicine, and alcohol should be kept away from children.

Another tip: always have the poison control number somewhere in your phonebook, you never know when your child will ingest something toxic.

Final thoughts

Child-proofing your home is the most effective way to protect your child at home. Apply these five tips and keep your child safe at home.

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