Shimmery Burlesque – Athenaeum Theatre [Melb]

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After two sold-out seasons, Shimmery Burlesque will take centre stage at the historic Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne, shining a spotlight on the sparkling world of Burlesque in a grand theatrical spectacle.
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Opening on Friday 24 May 2024, Shimmery is a first of its kind! Shimmery Burlesque is a groundbreaking stage show that follows the life of Lady Shimmery, an Australian dressmaker who travels to Paris where she falls in love with costuming for Burlesque.
Shimmery embraces the classic allure of Burlesque, while taking an innovative approach that pushes the boundaries of this traditionally solo art form. Transitioning Burlesque into a grand-scale ensemble production, the show draws inspiration from the extravagance of vintage musicals from bygone eras, a style of entertainment seldom seen today.
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In a dream-like sequence, we follow the passionate young dressmaker all the way from her sewing machine in Melbourne to the city of Paris. The story begins in Lady Shimmery’s studio, with her early memories of tailored suits, wedding dresses, and dreams of something more. Searching for inspiration, she adventures to Paris, where she discovers the art of Burlesque, igniting her passion for costume design. In breathtaking Shimmery costumes, a cast of twenty glisten with rhinestones, feathers and tassels – breaking out into big, beautiful Burlesque numbers that capture Lady Shimmery’s story and imagination, seamlessly weaving into the fabric of her narrative.
Through an array of performance styles, Shimmery Burlesque blends elements of glamour, cheekiness, drama, playfulness, and hilarity, creating a heartfelt and unforgettable theatrical experience. From the elegance of feather fans and the sensuality of chair dancing, to the breathtaking aerial acts and high-energy chorus dancers, this is a show that promises to impress—truly an experience not to be missed!
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Written and directed by Melbourne’s very own Holly Mouat, Shimmery Burlesque draws inspiration from her mother Kerrie Schultz (the real Lady Shimmery), who serves as the head costume designer for the production. Cabaret singer Abbey Paige Williams stars as Lady Shimmery, alongside a grand Australian Burlesque ensemble. Shimmery Burlesque is choreographed by Maple Rose and Kimera Diamond, with lighting design by award winning Jason Bovaird. With over 450+ lighting sequences, this show is set to dazzle even the most gayest of gay boys!
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Holly’s mother Kerrie (the real Lady Shimmery) began her early artistic journey in graphic design before venturing into fashion and bridal couture. A trip to Paris in 2010, courtesy of her award-winning paintings, marked a turning point. Here, alongside her daughter Holly, they were captivated by the opulence of French Cabaret, igniting Holly’s passion for Burlesque. Holly began performing Burlesque in 2016, with Kerrie making all of her costumes. From these sparks, Shimmery Couture was born. The name “Shimmery” pays homage to Kerrie’s Aunt Margaret Imrie, a big supporter of her work. Shimmery Couture has since created costumes for international touring productions and some of the worlds best in Burlesque.
Holly spent five years developing the concept of the Shimmery Burlesque stage show, and in October 2022 it made its debut at the Gasworks Theatre, captivating sold-out audiences and earning standing ovations. Shimmery stands as a testament to the strength of female empowerment, with a female writer, director, producer and female-led story. Shimmery blends the classic aesthetics of a showgirl-inspired production with a powerful message of body positivity, diversity and self-love, encouraging audiences to embrace their own individuality.
All photos by Peak Hour Images
Opening night on Friday 24 May 2024
Venue is Athenaeum Theatre Collins Street, Melbourne
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