Sircel acquires Scipher Technologies to become the largest e-waste processor in Australia

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 Sircel, an Australian-owned and operated green technology company solving the rapidly escalating global e-waste crisis, has announced that it has wholly acquired the assets of Scipher Technologies, a significant e-waste processor.

Through this acquisition, Sircel Limited becomes the largest e-waste processor in Australia. With six operational sites across Victoria, Regional New South Wales, Sydney and Brisbane, Sircel has the capacity to take on the largest volume and holds the highest standard of e-waste processing, diverting up to 100% of e-waste from landfill right here in Australia. All recovered green commodities are then distributed straight back into the circular economy.

Scipher Technologies, which was placed into voluntary administration earlier this year, has been a key player in growing the e-waste recycling market in Australia. Effective immediately, 40 employees of Scipher join the Sircel team, which now employs more than 80 members of staff, and will continue to deliver recycling services at the Environment Protection Authority licenced site in Dandenong. All operating under the Sircel banner, expanding the national operations.

The addition of Scipher’s assets and capabilities, particularly in television recycling, will enable Sircel to deepen the specialist expertise it provides to customers across Australia and add increased capacity to Sircel’s processing capability. For Scipher’s customer base it gives them access to the country’s only end-to-end e-waste processor and the ability to offer a national service.

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet, with the United Nations expecting it to reach 74m tonnes a year by 2030. It’s become a global crisis, and Australia is among the world’s worst producers of e-waste at 21.7kg per capita.

Anthony Karam, CEO of Sircel said, “We are delighted to announce the acquisition of one of the largest e-waste companies in Australia. What this means for Sircel is that we now have the mechanical facilities and machinery to process larger volumes than all known Australian e-waste recyclers and processors.”

“Combined with our proprietary metals recovery process, which enables the highest rates of commodity recovery, we can help big companies and any organisation that generates e-waste to improve sustainability by diverting an entire waste stream from landfill while supporting the circular economy. This acquisition is another exciting milestone in the expansion of Sircel and further strengthens our mission to ensure the future of e-waste is no ‘waste’ at all.”

Post acquisition, Sircel will continue the important conversations with the Environment Protection Authority on the establishment of Australia’s first solar panel processing capability at the Parkes facility in New South Wales, which is situated in the designated Recycling Special Activation Precinct.


Sircel is an Australian-owned and operated green technology company solving the rapidly escalating global e-waste crisis. With its end-to-end recycling process, Sircel is diverting up to 100% of end-of-life electronics – from consumer items to civic infrastructure – away from landfill and extracting the source materials for reuse in the circular economy. Processing larger volumes than all known Australian e-waste recyclers and processors, Sircel has invested tens of millions of dollars into facilities and machinery to date. Now operational across five sites in NSW, VIC and QLD, Sircel is working with more than 50 corporates, councils and waste partners to divert their e-waste from landfill. Sircel has pioneered a unique process that is ethical, sustainable, and better for business, the community and the planet.


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