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Smart Energy, Australia’s leading independent solar and battery company, has announced a new partnership with GivEnergy, a leading UK premier manufacturer of inverters, cobalt-free battery systems, and advanced energy management software.

The partnership marks a significant milestone in bringing cutting-edge energy storage solutions to Australian homes, enhancing the country’s shift towards sustainable energy practices.

As of April this year, Smart Energy will offer GivEnergy’s innovative products to Australian customers, including the All-in-One AC coupled 13.4kW unit. This AC-coupled solution is designed to store excess energy generated from solar and wind sources, optimising energy use and ensuring homes remain powered even during grid outages. The team also has plans to offer the full GivEnergy range of products as they become approved through the CEC in the coming couple of months.

Australians will now have access to GivEnergy’s single and three-phase hybrid systems, which integrate with existing renewable energy setups to provide robust, efficient, and scalable energy storage solutions.

Joint Managing Director of Smart Energy, Joel Power says, “We are ecstatic to be partnering with industry leaders like GivEnergy, whose innovative approach and cutting-edge technology align perfectly with our mission to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers. This partnership allows us to provide Australians with advanced energy storage solutions that are both reliable and efficient, empowering them to take control of their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint.

“By integrating GivEnergy’s sophisticated battery systems and inverters into our product offerings, we can ensure that our customers benefit from the latest advancements in energy storage technology. This collaboration not only enhances the energy independence of Australian households but also supports the broader goal of creating a sustainable future.”

Australian Managing Director of GivEnergy, Martin Cobb, says “We’re thrilled to welcome Smart Energy Group as our national renewables partner at GivEnergy Australia. This partnership is a crucial step in our strategic mission to lead the Australian energy storage market, following our successes in the UK. Currently, our AC-coupled solution, the All-in-One 13.5kWh battery system, is making waves. Soon, we’ll also be introducing our single and three-phase hybrid systems in Australia — all accessible through Smart Energy.

“We’ve long professed here at GivEnergy that truly taking positive energy action requires robust collaboration between manufacturers and service providers. We believe this latest strategic partnership with Smart Energy Group to be a highly impactful collaboration that will accelerate Australia’s drive towards energy-efficient homes. Through committed, cross-industry relationships such as the one with Smart Energy, we continue our mission to empower energy freedom for all.”

The partnership with GivEnergy further amplifies Smart Energy’s dedication to providing Australian homes with sustainable energy solutions, while reducing their carbon footprint and achieving energy independence through the adoption of renewable energy technologies.

Globally, GivEnergy employs over 600 people and provides service across Australia through offices in South Australia and Victoria.

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About Smart Energy: 

Smart Energy was launched by Co-Founders Beau Savage, Elliot Hayes and Jasper Boyschau in 2016 after they noticed high levels of poor customer service and price gouging by other solar providers. Coming from previous industry roles, Savage, Hayes and Boyschau noticed many Australians were beginning to think solar wasn’t affordable due to these issues. Furthermore, many providers had dodgy service teams, cheap products and companies that no longer existed when problems arose.

Customer service is Smart Energy’s number one priority and was the recipe for success – this meant Smart Energy quickly became one of Australia’s largest residential solar providers. In 2020 alone, over 24 million Watts were installed across 3,597 homes in Australia.

Smart Energy delivers solar services Australia wide with offices located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hobart, Launceston, and Byron Bay.



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