Stainless Steel Fabrication- Things You Should Know About

steel pipe
steel pipe

All of us have heard about the word stainless steel and have also used items made of it. The meaning of the word is already imbibed in the word itself that is “stainless”. The items made from stainless steel do not rust and are less corrosive. Therefore, people tend to use stainless steel items to avoid corrosion and prevent the formation of rust which is a common characteristic of iron.

Stainless steel is scientifically an alloy which contains iron and ten to thirty per cent of chromium. It is the mixture of chromium with iron that gives stainless steel its anti-corrosive properties. Sometimes nickel, copper, aluminium or nitrogen may be added to the alloy to make stainless steel more corrosion resistant. For similar reasons, stainless steel pipes fabrication is so much in vogue.

The pipes made up of stainless steel are used in so many industries and have so many amazing applications. Hence, the fabrication of these pipes has become a very important factor.

The Steps of Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication:

Nowadays with the invention of scientific techniques, stainless steel pipe fabrication is done using the Tube Mill Process. In today’s article, we will discuss in details the process of stainless steel pipe fabrication. The below steps are followed while manufacturing stainless steel pipes and tubes to transport fluids and gases.

The first step in the process of stainless steel pipe fabrication is quality checks. After various rounds of quality check, the strips of stainless steel are put inside the tube mills. The strips are made to pass through several rollers to give them the desired tubular shape. Next, the welding machine is used to trim the sharp edges of the tubes. The Tibor machine removes all the unwanted scrap after welding and stainless steel pipes and tubes are then ready to enter the next phase of fabrication.

stainless steel fabrication- things you should know about

The tubular stainless steel pipes are then cut to lengths according to the demand and requirements of different industries. After proper cleaning, the stainless steel pipes are sent for heat treatment where any distortion occurring from welding and cutting is treated. The pipes are given heat treatment in the rolling heat furnace. After all the distortions are treated, the pipes are straightened and sent for pickling where the scales are removed from the body of the stainless steel pipes and tubes. This process will strengthen the pipes and make them more efficient.

In certain cases where the pipes do not get the required shape and size, they are sent for the cold drawing process. In this process, the tubes and pipes are coated with a solution of soap and oxalic. The pipes are then given their required size by using die plugs.

The last step includes finishing where the pipes are marked with the help of a computerized inkjet marking machine. The information provided on the pipes is about the quality of material, size, number of heat treatments and a stamp of inspection. The stainless steel pipes and tubes will then go for a round of quality checks before being packed and dispatched to the exporters and industries.

Uses of Stainless Steel Pipes:

Stainless steel pipes are used extensively in the oil and gas industries. The oil and gas industry need durable and corrosion-resistant pipes as they are sent deep down into the earth for drilling oil. If the pipes are not sturdy, there is the risk of leakage and bursting which can prove fatal.

Stainless steel pipes are also required for transporting liquefied natural gas from one place to another.

Stainless steel pipes are required in nuclear power plants. They require corrosion-resistant stainless-steel pipes because the water used for the cooling process is obtained from the highly corrosive sea.

The fabrication process of stainless-steel pipes is something that most of the people do not have any idea about. This process is very important and if you are interested in knowing about it, then this article will surely aid you.

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