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Stuart Daulman presents MASTERCLASS 


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Working in Melbourne Comedy can be a tough job – unless you have the skills to THRIVE.

In this exclusive seminar, “comedy genius” Stuart Daulman will show you what it takes to make a truly great comedian.

The comedy path is one of the most difficult paths you can go down as a performer, or as a human being. It tests and strains everything. It hurts. It exhilarates. It tests you and it pushes you to your absolute limits. 

This is not a masterclass about how to BE a comedian, it is an exploration of what it takes to BECOME a comedian in the scene.

Co-starring Jake Ludowyke (Wizard Sandwiches, Death of a Daulman), Masterclass​ will take the audience through the trials and tribulations of life as a comedian. Drawing  from the tried and true formula of online tutorials and comedy classes, Stu will apply his own flavour to these methods, with a generous dose of parody.

Stuart Daulman is a multi-award-winning comedian, performer and writer. Stuart brings a unique style to the comedy world and is unlike any other act you are likely to experience at the festival.

“The burgeoning Australian comic brings us an audacious concept.”


The Herald Sun

“A brilliant ride that’s worth seeing purely on the basis that it’s the only show of its kind.”


The Music


TIMES: 9:30PM TUE – SAT, 8:30PM SUN (60mins)

ALL TICKETS: $28.50 Adult, $22 Conc, $22 Preview, $22 Tightarse Tuesday, Group (5+) $25

VENUE: Melbourne Town Hall, Regent Room, 90/120 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

BOOKINGS: comedyfestival.com.au


  • Moosehead Award recipient – Death of a Daulman, 2018
  • AWGIE Award Best Writing in a Comedy – Sketch / Light Entertainment – Fancy Boy, ​ABC iView, 2017

·   Golden Gibbo Award – Fancy Boy Variety Show, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2014

·  People’s Choice Award – Wizard Sandwiches, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2013

Full bio and showreel available at: http://stuartdaulman.com/

Facebook: @stuartdaulmancomedy      Twitter: @stu_what             Instagram: @stu_what

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