Sunshine Hydro Finds Way to Cut Clean Hydrogen Production Cost Up To 40%

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Would accelerate adoption of fuel as a renewable energy source for domestic and export markets

Sunshine Hydro, known for its pioneering Superhybrid technology that enables carbon-free energy, has discovered an innovative approach to substantially lower the cost of producing clean hydrogen. By harnessing the ultra-efficient electrolysers developed by Australian renewable energy manufacturer Hysata, Sunshine Hydro’s Superhybrid technology is now capable of delivering clean hydrogen up to 40% cheaper than previously achievable.

“This will be pivotal in positioning Australia as a green energy superpower,” said Rick McElhinney, CEO of Sunshine Hydro.

Hysata’s proprietary electrolysis technology optimises energy consumption, reducing the power needed per kilogram of hydrogen produced by 20%. This breakthrough process raises the bar for the entire sector, ensuring a sustainable and more efficient production pathway.

Sunshine Hydro has separately developed ways of better utilising fast-acting electrolysers, including those developed by Hysata. The Sunshine Hydro technology supports the smooth operation of pumped hydro systems, balancing generation profiles and driving down hydrogen production costs by up to 20%, depending on seasonal patterns.

Why This Matters

Achieving 24/7 carbon-free electricity requires the application of pumped hydro energy storage as part of the mix. To provide grids with round-the-clock and seasonal energy to power data centres, industry, and other power-demanding applications, a hydrogen electrolyser can be matched with pumped hydro turbines in such a way that they support the variable load even though needed using renewable energy sources.

Six years of extensive research at Sunshine Hydro reveal the indispensable role of hydrogen electrolysers in supplying continuous, carbon-free electricity. Importantly, the solution is designed to respond flexibly to energy market conditions. During peak periods when prices surge, energy can be temporarily redirected from hydrogen production to meet market demand.

Cumulative Cost Reductions

Sunshine Hydro’s innovative approach yields up to a 20% reduction in hydrogen production costs. Coupled with Hysata’s efficient electrolysers, cumulative cost reductions reach up to 40%.

By pairing these advancements with clean energy generation, these two Australian innovations are poised to transform its energy landscape and play a crucial role in the nation’s green energy and industry independence.



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