Sustainable Builders Alliance launches, marking a critical step towards a carbon-neutral future

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The alliance will promote sustainable and high-performance practices within the construction industry, with the goal of working towards a carbon-neutral future. 

Builders, designers, and industry professionals are invited to the launch of the Sustainable Builders Alliance (SBA), marking a critical step towards the construction industry’s goal of a carbon-neutral future.

The alliance, a collective of independent builders dedicated to driving sustainable practices and catalysing change within the industry, will be launching on Thursday 21st September, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm AEST, at the iconic Stomping Ground Brewery in Collingwood.

The Sustainable Builders Alliance comprises a group of visionary independent builders united by the common goal of advocating sustainable and high-performance practices in the construction realm.

With an unwavering commitment to driving the industry towards a carbon-neutral future, the alliance aims to become a hub of practical sustainability knowledge. This knowledge will empower professionals, including builders, designers, and tradespeople, to construct energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes that contribute to a greener world.

This knowledge includes the benefits of net zero homes, which for the homeowner can be: comfort and quality; quiet enjoyment; low home energy bills; and peace of mind.

Jeremy Spencer, SBA Company Secretary and a driving force behind the launch, said: “Our vision is to transform the construction landscape by equipping industry professionals with the skills and knowledge to construct sustainable, low-carbon homes.

“This launch event is an opportunity to gather like-minded individuals, share our Roadmap to Zero Carbon Homes, and extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters and contributors.”

An organisation growing from the roots of Australian Builders Declare, SBA was formed through a coming together of like-minded, experienced builders who believed that in order to be heard, they needed to speak up as one.

Hamish White, a prominent figure in the field of sustainable building and director of Sanctum Homes, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch. He said the kick-off marks the next exciting phase in the evolution of the Builders Declare movement, and that he was “thrilled to unveil the Sustainable Builders Alliance, a platform dedicated to promoting practical sustainability knowledge and fostering positive change within the construction industry.”

Builders, designers, tradespeople, and sponsors looking to shape the future of construction are encouraged to sign up for the Sustainable Builders Alliance or become sponsors and allies in driving industry-wide transformation.

Sustainable Builders Alliance Launch event:

Price: FREE

Date and Time: Thu 21st Sep 2023, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm AEST

Location: The Grace Darling Hotel – 114 Smith St, Collingwood, Victoria. Australia

About Sustainable Builders Alliance:

Sustainable Builders Alliance is a group of independent builders promoting sustainable and high-performance practices within the construction industry, with the goal of moving the industry towards a carbon-neutral future.

The Sustainable Builders Alliance focuses on educating industry professionals such as builders, designers, and tradespeople in the skills, products and knowledge they need to build more sustainable, low-carbon homes, today. The organisation was formed through a coming together of like-minded, experienced builders who believed that in order to be heard, they needed to speak up as one.

Hamish White

About Hamish White, Builders Declare Webinar Director and Sanctum Homes

Despite a business and marketing degree from La Trobe University, Hamish quickly swapped an office job for a career in carpentry at age 23. A keen outdoors enthusiast, his passion for building and the environment propelled him towards a career in sustainable building and, more recently, high-performance homes.

As a founding member of Builders Declare and a proud member of Passive House Australia, Hamish is hoping to encourage other builders and tradespeople to build better homes and be more mindful of the environment.

He is the director of Sanctum Homes where building high-performing homes is standard practice.

Jeremy Spencer

About Jeremy Spencer, SBA Company Secretary, Website, Social Media and Positive Footprints 

For almost 20 years Jeremy has been a Registered Builder, Energy Assessor and Director at design and build company Positive Footprints. Positive Footprints has won multiple awards for sustainability and worked to show that energy-efficient, sustainable design and high-performance net zero home construction is a cost-effective option that can be a mainstream reality.

An educator, lecturer, National Sustainability Awards judge, and former Master Builders Green Living trainer, Jeremy is passionate about spreading knowledge on how to build better, and is a proud founding member of Builders Declare. Jeremy currently sits on the Design Matters National board, the thermal assessors TASC group, and the NatHERS Stakeholder Consultative Group.

Jeremy has won a number of construction awards, including the 2022 Design Matters National Ronald Pickford Award for Sustainability, the BDAV 2017 Design Award for Environmentally Sustainable Design, and the Master Builder Excellence in Housing Award for Best Sustainable Energy House in both 2013 and 2014

Sustainable Builders Alliance

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