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Welcome back.

I’m fresh from a thrilling preview of Sweet Phoebe by Michael Gow. Oh, it’s fun. But of course, it’s not just fun.

Twenty-five years on, Gow’s observations on relationships, class, and togetherness are still so sharp. How do people come together, what binds them, what matters? What can we overcome? And just as interesting are the questions that arise about what has changed in 25 years, what we view differently now, and why.

Lead by remarkable director Mark Wilson, designers Lisa Mibus, Laura Jean Hawkins and Daniel Nixon have created a striking visual and sonic world in which our two brilliant actors, Olivia Monticciolo and Marcus McKenzie expertly navigate the twists and turns of Gow’s text. We can’t wait to share this vibrant new production of a great contemporary classic.

Look forward to seeing you at the theatre,

Ella Caldwell
Artistic Director


by Michael Gow

Featuring Marcus McKenzie & Olivia Monticciolo

Director Mark Wilson

Set & Costume Design Laura Jean Hawkins

Lighting Design Lisa Mibus 

Sound Design Daniel Nixon

Production Manager Greg Clark

 Stage Manager Natasha Marich

 Assistant Stage Manager Chelsea Maron

Click above to watch SWEET PHOEBE trailer on Vimeo

Trailer by Duhan Philips & Teresa Noble.
Sound by Daniel Nixon.

Running till 3 March

Duration: 80 minutes

Book now.

Did you see Olivia Monticciolo talking
SWEET PHOEBE in The Herald Sun?

Introducing DANCE NATION!

By Clare Barron

Featuring Brett Cousins, Caroline Lee, Zoe Boesen, Casey Filips, Shayne Francis, Hannah Fredericksen, Natalie Gamsu,
Tariro Mavondo & Georgina Naidu

Director Maude Davey

Set & Costume Design Adrienne Chisholm

Lighting Design Clare Springett

Sound Design Peter Farnan

Production Manager Greg Clark

 Stage Manager Stephanie Young

 Assistant Stage Manager Diane Pereira

Find out more here!

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