Sydney landscaping firm finds the ‘Solution’ to rising energy bills

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Aussie commercial landscaping business is set to save more than $12,500 per year by switching to solar.

Aussie commercial landscaping business is set to save more than $12,500 per year by switching to solar.

Building and maintaining some of Australia and New Zealand’s most beautiful spaces, Landscape Solutions has brought many iconic projects to life, including sporting precincts, public infrastructure sites, parklands, and even an inland artificial beach.

Established in Sydney in 1993, Landscape Solutions specialises in commercial gardens, offering landscape construction, sports turf, golf course management, as well as synthetic surfaces and irrigation management.

The need to go green(er)

Having recently celebrated 30 years in the industry, Landscape Solutions has experienced significant growth, from one hub in Sydney to operations in Brisbane and Melbourne, before establishing an Auckland presence in 2017.

However, after three decades of expansion, business overheads and energy consumption increased.

With the soaring energy prices over the past few years hurting residents and businesses alike, Landscape Solutions Chief Financial Officer Tolga Usyal said it was time for the company to make the move to solar.

“The foundation of our business is to build and create spaces that contribute to the health and wellbeing of our future generations, and we wanted to ensure that was also reflected in the way we run our business,” he said.

“At Landscape Solutions, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We recognise our work directly impacts the environment, and we are always looking to adopt new and sustainable methods of working.”

“Harnessing solar energy would mean we could be ‘greener’ and take advantage of our large amount of roof space to offset as much of our power consumption as possible to save on costs while also reducing our carbon footprint,” Tolga explains.

Building a more sustainable business with solar

While Tolga and the team may have the solution to landscapes, Solahart had the solution to combatting rising energy bills and reducing company emissions.

After reaching out to the team at Solahart Sydney, the solar experts made the most of the extensive roof space at Landscape Solutions’ Sydney facility, installing a 30.6kW solar power (PV) system consisting of 68 Solahart SunCell Plus 450W panels,, a 30kW SolarEdge Inverter, along with a Monitoring System.

According to Rory Chenoweth, Commercial Manager at Solahart Sydney, solar monitoring technology gives businesses more control and visibility over their solar usage.

“We designed the system with SolarEdge technology so that Landscape Solutions can have full visibility of their solar operations. They can now see the total site’s energy consumption, solar generation, and the performance of each individual panel,” said Rory.

“Plus, with the battery paired with the large-scale PV system, they can maximise their solar investment, as they can store any extra energy generated for later use.”

Tolga shares that in just a few months, Landscape Solutions has already seen significant financial and carbon emissions savings.

“Switching to solar has been a game changer for our business. We estimate we’ll be able to offset 46 per cent of our annual electricity consumption.

“That will equate to more than 38 tonnes of carbon emissions per year and $12,587 in annual savings. The cherry on top will be the return on investment on the installation in just three years.

“We’re so thrilled with the performance that we’ve bought another 21.6kW Solahart system for our offices in Yatala, Queensland,” Tolga concluded.

For more information about Solahart Sydney, visit

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