Symbio to become Extreme H Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider from 2025

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Pioneering racing series Extreme E has announced Symbio as its Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider ahead of the championship’s transition to Extreme H in 2025.

Extreme H will become the world’s first hydrogen off-road racing series when the championship begins next year. This partnership will ensure the delivery of the technology and expertise needed for the series’ upcoming transition to hydrogen power.

Symbio is a front-runner in zero-emission hydrogen mobility that designs, produces and sells hydrogen fuel cells. Being a leading innovation partner of hydrogen mobility pioneers, Symbio strategically accompany household names for on-road (light and mid-size commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, pickups and heavy-duty trucks, motorsport) and off-road (construction and warehouse equipments) zero-emission mobility. Symbio is co-owned by Forvia, Michelin and Stellantis, three world automotive leaders.

Hydrogen fuel cells represent a technological revolution that is now becoming a wide-scale reality. Symbio’s high-performance fuel cell technology combines the ease of use of the internal combustion engine (good range and durability, quick refueling) with the advantages of the electric battery (zero emission of CO2 nor microparticulates). Symbio has launched the mass production of fuel cells in its SymphonHy Gigafactory, the largest integrated site for fuel cell production in Europe, to make it a widely accessible, performant and competitive reality.

In Extreme H, Symbio will provide a 75kW hydrogen fuel cell replacing the battery as the principal energy source. Green hydrogen sources will be used to power the Extreme H fuel cells, created using a combination of solar and water. This technology is already being used behind the scenes in Extreme E, where it provides the energy source to the vehicle’s batteries.

Symbio and Extreme H’s sustainability goals align, as reducing carbon footprints and embracing the principles of the circular economy are central to both organisations’ commitment.

Ali Russell, Managing Director of Extreme E, said: “We are delighted to announce Symbio as our Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell Provider ahead of our first season as Extreme H in 2025. This is an exciting transition for the championship, which has pioneered sustainable technology solutions since its inception. We cannot wait to go racing with Symbio next year in the inaugural campaign of Extreme H – the world’s first off-road racing series powered by hydrogen.”

Philippe Rosier, CEO of Symbio, stated: “We are delighted that Extreme E, a pioneer in sustainable racing, trusts Symbio as its Official Fuel Cell Provider for its upcoming, groundbreaking hydrogen series. This partnership is testimonial of our technological lead. Furthermore, at Symbio we believe motorsport offers a unique laboratory in extreme and real-life conditions that enables us to test and adapt our technology to the most intense and demanding uses. We go the extra mile to design, deliver and sell the most performant and competitive zero emission fuel cell solutions tailored to every market need.”

Extreme H developments are progressing ahead of the championship’s launch in 2025. Back in 2023 Extreme H and the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) announced their pathway for the hydrogen series to become a FIA Championship from its inaugural season in 2025, with the intention that it will become a FIA World Championship from 2026.

A Hydrogen Technical Working Group between Formula 1, the FIA and Extreme H has also been created to monitor the progression and development of hydrogen technology. This is both for the fuel cells and battery systems, which will be used in Extreme H’s first-generation racing chassis as well as hydrogen technology within race site infrastructure, transportation, charging, storage and management, and its safety implications.

The opening X Prix of the highly anticipated 2024 Extreme E season kicks off this weekend in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 17-18 February.

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