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Tag: Energy bills


Older Australians on the tough choices they face as energy costs set to increase

Image: Shutterstock Australian aged care policy and programs are increasingly focused on what’s known as “successful ageing” – helping people feel satisfied, happier and healthier as they age. The...

Victorians who switched energy retailers only save $45 a year – leaving hundreds on the table

Free competition is supposed to give customers the best deal – but that’s not happening in Victoria. AAP Image/Dan Himbrec There has long been a...

When to Upgrade Your Plumbing System

Finding a leaking tap or cracked pipe can send alarm bells ringing when it comes to your houses plumbing. Finding the right emergency plumber...

Australian household electricity prices may be 25% higher than official reports

Power price pain is worse than we thought.  AAP Image/Paul Miller The International Energy Agency (IEA) may be underestimating Australian household energy bills by 25% because...