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Hotel quarantine causes 1 outbreak for every 204 infected travellers. It’s far from ‘fit for purpose’

  Picture: James Ross/AAP With Melbourne under lockdown for another seven days, the consequences of Australia’s inefficient and dangerous quarantine system continue. This outbreak started with...

Deep sea mining could help develop mass solar energy – is it worth the risk?

 Renewables' deep-sea mining conundrum Scientists have just discovered massive amounts of a rare metal called tellurium, a key element in cutting-edge solar technology. As a...

Why gluten-free food is not the healthy option and could increase your risk of diabetes

A dangerous health fad It’s hard not to notice that the range of gluten-free foods available in supermarkets has increased massively in recent years. This...

beStella launched in Bendigo

beStella is an authentic blog with the objective of showcasing regional women finding their passion and career pathways, but mostly enjoying and being amazing at what they do.