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The Bendigo Town Hall was full with ladies of all ages and from far and wide on Saturday 19 November 2016.

Tagg sent chief reporter and director of photography to cover the formalities and as Murray Schoorman was walking into the venue he was greeted by none other than his Ch7 counterpart, Jane Bunn who happens to be the weather presenter at 7BCM!

Jane was attending the launch event as an invited guest, moreover she was the key note speaker for the afternoon.

phi_6113Guests enjoyed high tea and refreshments (including a bottomless flute of the finest champagne) while listening to Janet Russell, professor from Latrobe University interview an MBA student, Catherine Hansey.

Janet revealed that her youngest student is 24 and her oldest is in their late 60’s! the message from this – it’s never too late to go back and pick up some study.


Following a networking break, guests then listened to Jane explain her career pathway from leaving school, meeting the man of her dreams (now husband), working as an observer at Canberra airport, working at the RAAF base in Williamtown. Then as an on-air meteorologist at the weather channel before taking a big leap of faith into TV land – applying for a role at WIN News by way of a mere phone call to their chief of staff.
Her phone call was well-timed, starting immediately after she passed her screen test.


Following a major decision when at cross roads, Jane then decided that she wanted to work in the ‘big-smoke’ of Melbourne – at Channel 7.

For Jane, working at the Seven Network was something she had always dreamed of, but knew it was a going to be hard work and a big risk.

Jane also had a secret desire to Ch7’s graphics package. Something that weather presenters rely heavily on to visually tell their ‘story’ to the viewers.

Since working at Ch7, Jane has learned a lot about her own body and what works best in terms of wardrobe and makeup on screen.

Jane Bunn & Kendyl Hopley

The guests were then invited to ask Jane questions, to which Jane responded with candour and enthusiasm.


beStella is an authentic blog with the objective of showcasing regional women finding their passion and  career pathways, but mostly enjoying and being amazing at what they do.

There are so many incredible women carving their career pathways and journeys, so it’s now time to share, mentor and encourage others for a greater future of women leaders, entrepreneurs and trailblazers.

beStella will engage, inspire, educate and encourage some insane courage to take that leap of faith and follow your dreams.

All readers who are interested in more can visit their website for more information.

Photos supplied by Peak Hour Images 

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