The Best Smart Home Products to Buy

smart home devices hero image
smart home devices hero image

Even our homes are getting smarter these days. The most excellent smart home devices would not only make your daily lives simpler, but they can also help you conserve energy and money. However, you would have to make sure that everything can connect to each other as a base. No need to worry, here are how to transform your house into a smart home and enjoy the benefit of the most cutting-edge home-based advancements available today.

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue is one of the greatest smart light bulbs you can get, and it’s the simplest way to get started with your smart home excursion. The installation is straightforward to understand, and you can replace your old bulbs with the new Hue bulbs. You could also choose from Hue’s wide range of LED table and floor lamps, indoor and outdoor wall lights, light strips, and even light bars. All of the arrays are responsive and come in various colours and patterns.

However, you would have to get Philips Bridge which acts as a hub for these bulbs, if you want to manage the bulbs when you’re not at home. The Philips Bridge features a built-in Bluetooth which allows you to The Philips Bridge features a built-in Bluetooth which allows you to control it from your smartphone. It is also able to control via voice once connected to Alexa or Google Assistant.

Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is one of the smart home gadgets with the best recording quality of any top video doorbell with a mic and speaker. The Nest camera will automatically detect their presence when someone approaches your door and even announce their arrival. If you have a smart lock, you can use this function to let individuals you trust into your house even if you aren’t there to invite them in.

Even though it requires a hardwired connection, it continually records video, ensuring that you never miss an important occurrence. You may also create particular zones to get notifications just when a person or item arrives in that region of the frame.

Arlo Ultra 2

If you’re looking for a sturdy and dependable security camera that you can install at home, the Arlo Ultra 2 is the way to go. Although the price is a bit on the higher side, its capability to record an extraordinarily sharp image at 4k resolution makes it worth it. One of its strong features is that it can integrate with various smart home ecosystems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s HomeKit.

However, it’s worth noting that you would also have to get the Arlo Hub to allow it to operate. Although this may increase the initial cost, you would be able to use the Smart Hub to link many cameras for an all-in-one surveillance system. Arlo also has a fantastic app with smart features to enhance the whole experience.

Apple HomePod Mini

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Apple products usually sell with a higher price tag, but it’s not the case with the HomePod Mini. With only $100, the Apple HomePod Mini can achieve many things despite being small and cheaper than other Apple products. It has a beautiful appearance and a light-up top that indicates whether Siri is listening. Each HomePod Mini also provides 360-degree audio, allowing you to place them wherever you wish.

You can also use the Apple HomePod Mini to put up speakers around your household for whole-home audio or connect two pods for stereo music. The HomePod Mini features an intercom that allows you to operate your smart home devices. You can also use it to ask Siri to create reminders, ask about the weather and even send voice messages from one pod to another.

Eve Energy Smart Plug

A smart plug is a must-have for any smart home; it’s one of the easiest methods to control your house automatically. This smart plug offers more than simply a method to control items that are connected to it. It’s also a method to keep track of the energy you have used and discover estimations for how much it will cost to power various gadgets in your home. It is ideal if you’re aiming to save cost while also becoming more environmentally conscientious.

The smart plug can connect to Bluetooth networks, but if you have an Apple TV or a HomePod Mini, you’ll use Thread, a wireless technology embedded into the plug. Thread, which is more reliable than Wi-Fi, aids in the elimination of smart home device failures. However, it only works with HomeKit and will not operate with Alexa or Google Assistant.

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