Kitchens have changed over the years, which is to say the way we view kitchens has changed. At one time, kitchens were a workroom where food was cooked and other activities, such as washing clothes, were carried out, but that perception has changed.

Some of that is due to the use of space in new house designs and some of it is due to lifestyle. Once, most kitchens were small affairs and separate from the rest of the house, but nowadays people want to incorporate their kitchens more naturally into the rest of their living space.

Kitchens have become the heart of the house, instead of just part of it. Because of this, kitchen design and decoration has grown in significance. So, what can you do to design the perfect kitchen?

Background décor first

First you want your kitchen area to blend in with the rest of your décor. Tiles on the walls and floors are a good option. Tiles are also functional because they are easy to clean. There is such a wide range of colours, shapes, designs and motifs that you can easily merge your kitchen design into the rest of your décor. They also come in various different materials which will enable you to gain the look that you want. An inviting looking kitchen adds to the welcoming feel of your home.

Open plan houses

Many new houses are designed on the open plan concept, connecting the dining room and living room with the kitchen. Many kitchens have counters and islands installed rather than a formal dining area. This creates the perfect intimate spot where everyone can gather together. Those in the kitchen working can interact with those sitting on the other side of the counter. Counters can be made of wood or concrete overlaid with tile or have stone tops such as granite, marble, or quartz.


Islands are a kitchen feature that has evolved over the years. At first they were just free-standing extra work surfaces, but now they are designed to put together an assortment of different features. Again, they are functional workspaces, but can include under counter storage, open shelves, flat topped stoves and even various types of sinks. Their design can also incorporate enough space where other people can sit, talk, and do other things.

Functional and Lovely

Because so much time is spent in the kitchen you want it to be not only utilitarian, but also to have a pleasant environment in which to hang out with the whole family or visitors. The optimum use of kitchen space available is the goal and also tidiness. So, now we are talking about adequate storage space, which means cabinets, shelves, and closets. Although all these have a functional use, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be bought, designed, or built to show off your kitchen area in the best possible light.

Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and fittings such as sinks, taps, draining boards, towel racks or overhead pan racks can be purchased to fit in with your overall design motif. All these small touches add to the harmony of your kitchen space.


Lighting is another way to create that special atmosphere in your kitchen. At one time people didn’t give much thought to lighting in their kitchens. They probably had just a single light bulb and later came strip lighting, but now there is much more choice. Because of greater emphasis on kitchen décor there are many beautiful types of light fittings and ways to light a kitchen.


Plants are a good way to enhance your kitchen space. Although they aren’t something you see a lot of in kitchens because of the conditions and space, they are an easy way to brighten it up and add some character. There are different types of indoor plants that will thrive in the hot and mostly humid conditions of a kitchen. With a little thought, space can be found for them.

The Perfect Kitchen?

The perfect kitchen is the one in which you and your family are comfortable. One in which everyone wishes to linger because of its relaxing atmosphere. A way of creating that environment is with your own design ideas and by choosing from all the many kitchen fixtures and accessories that are now available on the market. In reality, the most essential element for a perfect kitchen is to have a happy and healthy family around you who love spending time in the room.

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