The Good Life: 19 Sep 2016

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Not every day a radio show gives over a full hour and a half to an author interview! Many thanks to Ann Creber of The Good Life. I’m rapt!
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Hello Good Lifers,
I’ve just been indulging myself with a very beautiful version of For The Good Times on Youtube. Raul Malo is an artist of whom I had never heard until my son recently mentioned how much he enjoyed his music, I tracked him down on Youtube and I am a total convert.  Beautiful articulation and a heart-breaking interpretation! We also had the pleasure of hearing a Really beautiful version by Tracey Roberts last Saturday night. (Hope she includes it on her next CD.)
However, we didn’t have to seek out talent for yesterday’s The Good Life Program, as we enjoyed it in the studio with the visit of  author Isobel Blackthorn, musician Liz Blackthorn and musician and artist Tracey Roberts.
It was wonderful to have them with us and with his own musical background Wayne

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