The Importance of Early Mathematics for Babies

maths tutoring
maths tutoring

Math, together with writing and reading, is a core subject that babies have to learn sooner or later. Many parents often wonder about the right age for a child to learn mathematics. A lot of information can come up, but the answer is straightforward; you can start teaching the moment your kid is born. 

According to the theory of Cognitive Development, a child starts grasping the idea of mathematics as early as two years old. Parents play a vital role in the evolution of a child’s sensorimotor stage. Some may encourage their child to basic math by showing pictures of numerical figures, while others allow maths tutoring

Why is learning math at a young age a good thing?

Children differ by paces when it comes to getting good at math. Although for some parents, they start teaching their children a thing or two about math at a young age until the time they can begin maths tutoring. There is a lot of benefits if a child learns early math in its early stages of development. Here are some: 

  1. Children who are taught the basics of math at an early age are more likely to achieve more in life. It is best if your child begins the mastery of early math and literacy concepts before beginning school. Yes, it can be unrealistic for a child to grasp the concept of addition and subtraction without proper school, but it would greatly help if you expose them to numbers and counting. 
  2. Babies aging 6 to 12 months begin to recognize small groups of numbers, even without counting. From here, parents have to be aware that if the child begins to know a number so that you can enrich your child’s awareness. You can start by doing a few things listed below. 
  • Always include reading stories, singing songs, and reciting poems that involve a set of numbers and counting in your baby time. 
  • Talk with your baby and ask questions such as “how many” and “what do you call the number” when you see one or multiple objects together.
  • You can start by playing simple board games that include numbers with your baby while showing how you play.
  1. Teaching your baby math skills is not all about being able to excel in math. There are other benefits they can gain in the long run. Enhancing your baby’s brain through math makes learning much easier for them. Presenting math at an early age helps them as they grow older to grasp the idea of formulating hypotheses, spatial and logical reasoning, encyclopedic knowledge, and even foster in physical activities too!
  2. Mathematics is a learned skill that can be cultivated, nurtured, practised, and developed through daily exercises. Parents should carry out a positive attitude to their children regarding early numeracy, which provides a growth mindset of mathematics as a child gets older and learn a new set of skills. Exposing a child on early math can be a building block to a skill called visual literacy. Usually, children in preschool start learning geometrical shapes (circles, squares, oblongs, and rectangles) and start developing visuospatial ability where a child develops the capacity to reason, understand, and remember the spatial relations of objects and space.

Written above are just a few of the many benefits of why you should start maths tutoring as early as today. It is never too late to be literate in the language of space and time if you start right away.

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