The Little Things (cinema release 2021)

the little things pic for tt story
the little things pic for tt story

The classic good cop – bad cop scenario is given a questionable twist in this ‘serial murder who done it’ mystery.

When disgraced ex-detective Joe ‘Deke’ Deacon (Denzel Washington), now a lowly country cop, is sent back to his old precinct to retrieve some evidence related to a local crime. He accidentally gets himself involved in a murder investigation.

The case is led by the new hot-shot Detective in town, Jimmy Baxter (Rami Malek), who, for some reason, perhaps curiosity, entices Deke to ‘tag along’ and share his thoughts regarding the investigation.

Dimly lit and full of religious suggestions with references to angels, crucifixes and saints, this is a tale with many cryptic innuendoes that may or perhaps may not be clues to solving the crime.

Who could it be  … a neighbor.. a stranger … could it be a cop? It seems that everyone could or even should be a suspect.

The best contender for the title is Albert Spama (Jared Leto), a  creepy looking, attention-starved, mind game-playing electrical repairman.

Remember, it is the little things that make all the difference, and he certainly had the opportunity

Deke, with his own load of nightmares and troubles, is considered to be a liability and way past his prime, with his once squeaky clean reputation a thing of the past.

Baxter who at times appears to be as disturbed as Spama, is obviously out of his depth in this investigation, and his reliance on the seasoned Deke is not looking like the best career move.

Working both together and apart, the two cops come to their own conclusion about who, why and how.

When all their attention is focused on Spama it is evident to all involved that he is one step ahead of the police and is not shy about letting them know it.

As he gloats about his ability to avoid being arrested, he torments them at every opportunity and eventually provokes them to lose their cool and display their frustrations. Once again, it is the little things that matter

With their efforts to catch him in the act failing, they are left with no alternative than to try the ‘friendly’ approach.

It is here that the story takes a left turn on a lonely road and where the unexpected not-so-little thing happens.

This is more of an examination of the lengths a man will go to when he thinks he’s right and what he will do when he is convinced he is than it is a  simple murder mystery.

Don’t be too quick in thinking you know who the good cop, bad guy, or even who the bad cop might really be until the story ends.

Follow the link below to preview the trailer

Photo Concept&Design By Beata Gombas


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