The Most Popular SUVs in the Australian Market


We all understand just how intimidating and tiring it can be to find an SUV for yourself in the Australian market. While buying an SUV was relatively simple back in the day, it has become extremely difficult due to the influx of options in the Australian market. 

What this means is that there are now hundreds of options available, but none of them actually meet user preferences in a manner that they should. There is a challenge involved in choosing the right option, which can scare many car owners towards wrong purchases. 

In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular SUVs in the Australian market. Studying these SUVs will give you a decent idea of how to go about the purchase here and how you can handpick the best option. 

Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is an excellent vehicle and is the most popular SUV present in the Australian market today. Residents and car enthusiasts within the state of Australia love a good Toyota RAV4 and like riding it around both urban and hilly roads. 

The vehicle sold over 4,000 units during the month of June 2021 alone and is available across variants of GX, Cruiser, GXL and EDGE. All of these variants come with extra add-ons to make them more exciting and fun to drive across difficult terrains and city roads. 

Mazda CX-5

The new Mazda CX-5 is another popular SUV in the Australian market today. The vehicle was a top seller in the market for a significant duration and is still making rounds in the industry. The CX-5 comes in easily available variants of Maxx, GT, Maxx Sport and others. 

The vehicle is also a delight to drive and sit in, which can be seen in the exceptional drive that it has to offer. We love the 7-inch infotainment system, which brings excitement to the eyes and ears as you drive around in your vehicle. 

Toyota LandCruiser 

The Toyota LandCruiser is also extremely popular in the Australian market and makes our list on the back of this popularity and brute force. There were 3000 units of the LandCruiser sold during June of this year, going to prove just how popular this variant and trim is with users and drivers within Australia today. The off-roading capabilities of the LandCruiser are hidden from none, as the vehicle can step into steep and difficult terrains without finding the climb difficult. 

Subaru Forester 

The Forester by Subaru is another vehicle to make its name felt in the list of most popular SUVs to be available in the Australian market today. The Forester is now in its 5th generation and has dynamite LED options with a 110 KW engine option. The vehicle comes with excellent comfort, coupled with resistance and durability on the roads. 


We finish our list with a mention of the MG ZS. The MG ZS is a Chinese car that has taken the Australian market by storm and is creating quite a few waves. The vehicle has a 6-speed automatic gear with multiple other features. 

All of these cars have been chosen after due thought and consideration. We hope you can check out this article to make your purchase easier.

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