THE SHAMAN by Roland Perry 

Published by Allen & Unwin | February 2021 | RRP $29.99  

the shaman
the shaman

A gripping new international thriller from bestselling author Roland Perry  

Roland Perry is one of Australia’s most versatile authors, from biography and espionage to history and sport. He also writes bestselling fiction.  

Whether fiction or fact, Perry investigates real issues. In THE SHAMAN he examines the cutting-edge new science of Plasmoids and an invention that is a huge threat to a multi-trillion dollar energy corporation, which relies on fossil fuel consumption.  

In his illustrious career, Perry is the only author granted access to Sir Donald Bradman for a biography. Research, as exemplified by his award-winning biography of General Monash, has been the cornerstone of Perry’s career. His method of crafting nonfiction and fiction books has introduced him to characters, revelations and themes that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Perry’s contacts with many world espionage agencies, including MI6, the CIA, KGB, ASIO, ASIS and DGSE, have led him to publish exposes on three of the most important spies in modern history.  

In THE SHAMAN, the spiritual Al Haut is a mysterious inventor and geologist from Tasmania. He has created a new style of engine, using Cold Fusion that harnesses atomic energy from water. Instead of carbon waste expelled from cars, for instance, it releases life-giving oxygen. The development is a massive challenge to the world’s biggest energy companies, in particular the giant Conquer Corporation. It will stop at nothing, from bribery to murder, to thwart Haut. 

When Cavalier’s daughter Pon is not expected to live after a motor-bike accident in Thailand, Haut prays for her and she makes a miraculous recovery. Cavalier is intrigued: is it a medical fluke, or does Haut, a self-styled Shaman and Prophet of God, have special powers? Cavalier investigates to find out and develops a close relationship with Haut, whom he brands, at the very least, as an uber-genius. 

This way, Victor Cavalier is drawn into protecting Haut and becomes the only person standing in Conquer Corporation’s path. He deploys his skills as an investigative journalist, a unique cover for his more deadly clandestine capacities. 

The Shaman is another cracking read from one of Australia’s most popular authors. 

the shaman by roland perry 




the shaman by roland perry Roland Perry’s extraordinary writing career spans three decades. He has written 35 books, many of them bestsellers, including The Queen, Her Lover and the Most Notorious Spy in HistoryHorrie the War DogBill the BastardDon Bradman, The Changi BrownlowThe Australian Light Horse and Monash: The Outsider Who Won a War. His latest book Red Lead: the naval cat with nine lives was published in 2020.  

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