The Wolves Kiss 2020 Goodbye 

magnolia tree
magnolia tree

After 40 previous shows in both Victoria and Canberra The Magnolia Tree will commence its country tour in May 2021 thanks to Regional Arts Victoria.

The cast for that tour had their first get together just to see how we all got on.

As you can see by the “cast” image below it’s clear we are going to get on fabulously. 

P.S. the cat is not coming. 


The interesting thing is how to market The Magnolia Tree. 

The play has been well-reviewed and audiences love it.

Really, it’s a tense, thriller and then on top, there’s the voting aspect.

What I like, but it’s probably not in vogue, is to sell it for what it is, a tragedy.

For all its humour, ultimately it is a tragedy, as you’re watching a family seriously contemplating the murder of their ailing mother. The outcome in the third act, is chosen by the audience by way of a vote.

Whichever way the vote goes the audience will bear witness to the destruction of a family.  

Ezra Bix, who’s a joy to work with is returning to play Jack.

Ezra is staggering in this role. 

Rohana will play Deborah, reprising the role she played in the premiere 

at La Mama


And Tottie Goldsmith will play Vicky.

What’s interesting is that Vicky is the polar opposite of Tottie. It’s  an exciting challenge for an actor to push themselves, and Tottie agrees. 

In other news:

We will be postponing the filming of Marooned until at least March.

One reason for this is Covid, and secondly the Army is bringing Marooned to Sydney in March and we are also hoping to add some dates to that tour. 

To help facilitate this we are working hand in hand with Producer Rebecca Blake of Rebecca Blake Entertainment. Rebecca is the producer of the hit show “Rolling Thunder Vietnam.”

In this coming year, we’re looking forward to working with her to bring a few plays to Sydney. 


We did have a novel “The Sandcastles of Quarantine Bay” picked up by an Australian Publisher.  

Sadly we haven’t heard about this for a while so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

Maybe Covid. 

The Shadows and the Hues


A major country theatre is in serious talks with us about premiering another Wolves play in 2021 called “The Shadows and The Hues.”  This is very exciting.

This will mean we will have four original plays on the go-

  • Marooned 
  • The Magnolia Tree 
  • Adrifting 
  • The Shadows and the Hues 

If “When Icebergs Burn,” still goes ahead that will make five.

Plus there are two other comedies ready to go.

The Seagull King and Fameral. 

And lastly a new thriller is in development  about real estate agents. 


The Wolves. As we move on the actors we work with are welcome to play other roles, meaning we become a repertory company. Rohana has already done this, last year she was in two full length plays playing very different characters in the same week. Chris Grant also did this in the past with Marooned and When Icebergs Burn. 

With this in mind I think it’s fun to market them as The Wolves, for the Wolves isn’t just Rohana and I but a growing band of seriously good Actors. If there are others out there wanting to get to know us, please get in touch.

So there you go, 2021, regardless of the killjoy Covid, looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021  

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