Tonic Grenache 2020 $57.00

Tonic Grenache scaled 1
Tonic Grenache scaled 1
For me the appeal of this brand is; The wine is sometimes produced in painfully small amounts, as little as 50 dozen per wine. Now that is exclusive, and for me makes the wine that little more attractive and worth tracking down. Simply because they are not mass produced. I think this gives credit to the wine maker, his wines and his work ethics.
I drank two glasses on the first night, the wine was rich & full flavoured, tempting and attractive I found it very hard to put the cork back in the hole, however for the first time this year will power prevailed and the cork went back in. I thought this wine was rich & full
flavoured with both bright and dark fruit backed up with dusty tannins.
Over night the wine had opened to darker berried fruits on the plate, followed by light crunchy tannins. With texture and mouth weight that was not there the night before.
I must admit I found the wine in this case to be very interesting on the first night. And did not gain a lot of benefit from the extended breathing overnight as for me it had lost a little up front zing and moved into a darker more serious food style of wine.
Don’t take this out of context the wine is good. If it’s for a drink it did not require a decant.
However if its for a meal, by all means to decant is the way to go.

The Food:

Beef & veg hot pot in a thick gravy on a bed of buttery, creamy mashed potatoes.

A solid meal for a solid wine.the Rot has set in. Michael Lillis

Michael Lillis


The Rot has set in. 

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