Tomorrow is ANZAC Day. Tomorrow we will see war veterans, many of whom are in the very senior years marching to remember and commemorate the sacrifices our troops have made in the service of our country. Many of those men and women are too frail to walk but they will be there right around the country, rain hail or shine.

The thought that The Prime Minister will stand at the war memorial, lay a wreath and talk about valor and supreme sacrifices while at the same time he and his Treasurer go about cutting their pensions and health care makes me sick.

How can this “man” look at our war veterans in the eye and say Lest We Forget and scrapping payments to the orphans of soldiers killed in action or not even mention the suicide rates among our returned Afghanistan veterans?

How can this “man” stand there with his hand on his heart and tell his constituents that he cares for everyday Australians and then tell us that WE are a liability and WE must do the heavy lifting while his billionaire mates call for tax free zones, cheap overseas labour and receive rebates and and tax breaks?

How can this “man” point the finger at so called welfare freeloaders when the NSW Premier resigns over lying to a court over receiving bribes, the QLD premier receives a 70,000 dollar pay rise and the so called Human Rights Commissioner receives a 60,000 expenses bonus on top of his 300,000 salary while public servants are losing their jobs and not allowed to talk about it?

How can this “man” and tell us that we must work until we are 70 when he will receive a parliamentary pension of over 300,000 dollars a year for the rest of his life as soon as his term finishes.

I hope that term ends soon but it sickens me to think he will get that lurk after what he is about to do to ordinary working Australians.

How can this “man” tell pensioners they are no longer “sustainable” while he goes and spends billions of dollars on fighter jets to defend a Triple A rated country that’s supposed to be in a budget crisis?

If that were the case we’d be lucky to only be able to afford a couple of Cessnas.

How can this “man” look these elderly people in the eye and then go and break EVERY PROMISE he made during the election?

And they called Julia Gillard a liar!

This “man” has rewritten the book on lying.

To all those who listened to the likes of Alan Jones, Michael Smith, Ray Hadley and Andrew Bolt, to those who took part in “convoys of no confidence”, who took part in public forums at RSL’s and grilled Julia Gillard over her Carbon Tax and to those who stood their chanting “Ditch The Witch” and who voted Liberal, you had every right to do all of the above and you succeeded in getting the government you asked for.

To the Labor Party I say this. Get your shit together once and for all. That’s why this ineffectual little puppet of a “man” is Prime Minister.

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