Top 5 Places for a Family Photo in Melbourne

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Time truly moves fast – sometimes too fast and things around you start to change without you even noticing. In just a few years, that seed in your backyard would have sprouted and soon, it’ll be a full-grown tree. That shiny and thick black hair would turn grey and your kids? They wouldn’t be so little anymore. If you have only just started your own little family, baby photography is so precious as they grow so fast! If you are in Melbourne, newborn and baby photographer Kiddy Kats Photography can start capturing your family’s story for you!

This is why family portraits are important – they capture these changes in your life and turn them into memories that you can look back on forever. With these photos, it’s easier to recall the time when it was just you, your son/daughter, and your partner and it’s also so precious to watch your family grow in pictures. You can remember milestones, be complete, and have everyone in one frame – rather than Mum or Dad behind the camera! More importantly, family photos will tell your story. 

Thus, you must take as many family photos as you can. And if you are looking for the perfect place for your next portraits or a reason to create your next flipbook, here are the top places that you might want to consider. 

Where to Take Family Photos in Melbourne?

1. Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

The Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne is one of the most precious areas in Victoria. If you’re up to seeing Australia’s native plants and rare animals, visit Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens in South Yarra. You can make the beautiful flora and fauna your background and expose your children to nature. 

If you’re a family who loves going on nature trips, you’d love this place. You can even bring your dog with you (on a lead) and have them in your family portraits! Your dog is an easy way to make the kids smile and goof around! Not up for the long walk? No problem. Almost every corner of the garden is visually appealing. 

Aside from taking your family photos, you can have a picnic or visit one of the cafe’s and just spend some quality time together. So when you look back on the photos you took that day, you’d not only appreciate how great the picture was but also the happy moment behind it. 

2. Brighton Beach Boxes

Here’s another fun location to shoot your family photo. Brighton Beach is popular for its iconic and colorful wooden bathing boxes. Just imagine how good your photos will turn out when you have the sand, the water, the clear blue sky, and these bright bathing boxes standing behind you. With this setting and rich colors, it will be impossible not to have stunning photos. And it’s a plus that you can spend the day with your family at the beach!

3. Yarra River

Photos that are taken at the Yarra River always turn out beautiful no matter how and where you take them from. The view of the water, Melbourne’s Docklands, and the sports stadium are lovely, especially during sunsets when the light is falling onto the city. Specifically, you can check out N Wharf Road. This particular spot offers a breathtaking view of the city and it can just be the perfect background for a family living in Melbourne. At this location, you also have a good view of the Bolte Bridge. Now, it wouldn’t hurt to take some family photos with such an amazing structure behind you, right?

You can also try Studley Park Overpass which is located at Yarra Bend road. It’s an awesome place to enjoy the clear view of Melbourne city. 

4. Mansfield

Mansfield is certainly one of the best places in Melbourne for photography. Being near Lake Eildon National Park and Mount Buller, your photographer will have a blast getting your family photos. The place and almost all its surrounding areas offer beautiful settings that will make the perfect background for you and your family. 

If your family is interested in nature, you’d surely enjoy Mansfield. It offers a view of dense forests – which makes a great background for your pictures. The different trees and rich green grass are all very nice to look at. Additionally, the dark skies in Mansfield are ridiculously stunning as it gives you a view of the milky way stars. So if you want a unique portrait of your family, this is one of the best places that you should consider. 

5. Olinda (Dandenong Ranges)

If you just want to spend a quiet and nice time at the park with your family while hopefully taking some amazing family photos, then we highly recommend Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges. There are a bunch of beautiful parks with different backgrounds that translate well in pictures. Try the Rhododendron Gardens or RJ Hamer Arboretum and enjoy a lovely walk at the same time. Let your kids play at the amazing Olinda Playspace afterwards, which is always a great reward for your kids after smiling and posing with you! 

Indeed, Melbourne offers many views and sceneries to get the best family photos and these are just some of them. They are not only picturesque but they are also great places where you can unwind and just have fun as a family. 

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