Top 7 Outdoors Monthly Subscription Boxes One Should Know

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Given the lockdowns and the pandemic fear, people have been home-bound for the past year. So, going on outdoor trips is on top of the mind for many. To maintain safety protocols, one has to take all the essential items and travel gear. But packing for travel or planning for a weekend getaway is no longer a hassle. You can get a wide range of products such as snacks, apparel, adventure gear, etc., based on personal needs with the monthly subscription boxes. These come in a compact package, and you can custom design the items too. Below is the list of popular monthly subscription boxes.


Battlbox is an outdoor subscription service meant for hardcore adventurers. This is one of the best outdoors monthly subscription boxes out there. The tools help you survive in extreme conditions. They also provide videos that teach you how to use the gear in the box.

Each month, the box items have a theme or mission that helps you thrive in the wilderness. For example, you can get a box with tracking equipment or things that help you repair vehicles and gadgets. It is possible to choose different levels of boxes.

Tactical knives, EDC Flashlights, solar headlamps, backpacking tents, and instant shower kits are a few examples of the wide variety of things that come in the box. 

There are four subscription plans, namely –

Basic– At $29.99 per month, the box contains hand-picked items, outdoor gear, and emergency supplies.

Advanced– At $59.99 per month, this box includes all the items from the Basic package in addition to hiking essentials, EDC gear, etc.

Pro- At $109.99 per month, the Pro crate includes all the items from the Basic and Advanced boxes in addition to products such as backpacks, tents, watches, etc.

Pro+ – At $159.99 per month, the Pro+ crate includes all the items from the Advanced ad Pro box in addition to high-end outdoor products from brands like Kershaw, TOPS, CRKT, Bastion etc.

The themes apply to each plan, but the number of items varies. The basic one costs thirty dollars a month. One can also shop gadgets, travel apparel, and gift boxes separately. 

Crate Club

If you are a seasoned explorer willing to undertake daring trips, the Crate Club is the right outdoors subscription box for you. The Crate Club offers you the right equipment, whether mountain biking, zip-lining, or even diving into a volcano.

The gear is military-grade, and a team of survival and tactical experts curate the items. You can choose from the following packages- the Lieutenant, Captain, and General.

The lieutenant box costs a minimum of $49.99, payable quarterly. You get industry-standard gear like Gerber Knives, Triad Flashlights, ReadyMan RATS Tourniquet, etc.

At $99.99, Captain Crate comes with a mix of tactical and survival gear. The box contains outdoor tools, survival gear, medical kits, etc.

At $399.99 quarterly, the General crate type is the bestselling and nicknamed Bond of gearboxes. It contains real-issue tactical gear and is best for hardcore adventurists.

top 7 outdoors monthly subscription boxes one should know

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Adventure Standard:

How about having some badass adventure gear made and curated by an all-women team? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? If so, then the subscription box from Adventure Standard is the right choice for you.

Leann Pickard of Colorado founded the brand in 2017. Now the group ships worldwide.

There are 2-6 products in each box. The items include tea, lip balm, sunglasses, and travel gear. The subscription comes at the rate of $39.5 per month.

top 7 outdoors monthly subscription boxes one should know

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Wild Woman Box

Getting outdoors makes women overwhelmed is a thing of the past. The people at the Wild Woman Box ensure to invoke the adventure spirit in every woman out there.

Each month the subscription box comes with inspirational quotes that remind you to take up a challenge and break barriers.

It contains an array of items such as outdoor gear, natural skincare products, snacks, etc. You also have objects like cooling towels, insect repellent cones that help you survive in the wild.

There are 4-7 items per box, and the monthly rate is 37.95 dollars. 

Think Outside

Outdoor activities are a means to reduce the screen time of our kids. Think Outside provides subscription boxes curated for children. They get to do fun activities that make them curious, creative, and resourceful. Wildlife exploration, navigation, shelter-building, and photography are a few skills that kids get to learn.

Activities for kids up to the age of 8 require parental participation, whereas older kids can work on them independently. The junior package starts at $24 per month, and the senior package begins at $36 per month.

Adventure-loving parents who wish their kids to join them for hiking trips can go for the subscription from Little Hiker. The kit includes energy bars, activity sheets, water bottles, magnifying glass, twig pencils, etc.

top 7 outdoors monthly subscription boxes one should know

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Timber Edge Outdoors

It is one of the top-rated subscription boxes available for outdoor activities. The brand has a monthly theme such as hunting, fishing, skiing, etc. It also includes clothing as per the season. The price starts at $40.

You can check the website for the month-wise schedule. One can pause or cancel the subscription at any time.

top 7 outdoors monthly subscription boxes one should know

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The Camp Life

It is one of the best subscription boxes for camping enthusiasts. The brand gives the option of quarterly subscriptions and ships around 6-8 products in a box.

They have themes like Camp Kitchen, RV Essentials, Healthcare products, etc. You can give size preferences for apparel. They have a rewards system, and you can get additional discounts and free gear based on the coupons collected.

It is also possible to shop various products like hammocks, bags, headwear, etc., directly from the website.

Final Thoughts

The present generation understands the need to explore the world. It gives the much-required fresh air, exercise, and relief.

The subscription boxes help you choose all the things required for the trip. You select the brands, the frequency of order, and the type of gear. You not only get price discounts but have products curated by experts. Thus, an outdoorsy and adventurous person can always look forward to the subscription boxes. 

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