Top Jewellery Trends Embraced By Australian Buyers

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Australia is one of the few places in the world where events that are perfect for showing off one’s jewellery collection – including parties, weddings, and cocktail events – are taking place, despite restrictions on social gatherings earlier in the year. As a whole, sales in fine jewellery are down (owing to lower tourism figures), yet the purchase of jewellery as investment pieces is expected to ensure that the demand for precious stones continues. For those with smaller budgets, there are also a plethora of affordable trends you can hop on to add a little sparkle to your next soirée or social event.

Naturally Imperfect

Classically perfect items are an important component of any jewellery collector’s box but these days, keen collectors are purchasing statement pieces that hark to the beauty of nature, as well as symmetrical, classical pieces such as wedding jewellery, halo rings, and emerald cut stones. Sydney-based jeweller, Alexandra Dodds is doing a roaring trade with unique, personal pieces that take their inspiration from the organic world of nature and its unique textures. Gems set at unique angles, asymmetrical metal bands, and pieces engraved with hand-formed lines, shapes and figures remind us to find beauty in originality and imperfection.

Australian Stones And Metals

There is no time like right now to celebrate the beauty of home-grown stones and metals – including Australian opals, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, garnets, topaz and jade. Aussie brands like L Miers are utilising these materials in bright, sparkly collections that reveal the powerful effect that colour can have on mood. From horoscope-inspired collections right through to vintage styles, embossed medals and squares, and Figaro chains in heavy and fine styles alike, allowing home-grown materials to shine is fast becoming a must for serious jewellery lovers.

The Purity Of Pearls

Pearls have made a huge comeback in recent months, playing a starring role in everything from necklaces right through to dangling earrings, hair clips, tiaras, and bracelet charms. Natural styles are ‘in’, so to be on trend this season, forego classically round pearls and opt for oddly shaped freshwater pearls instead. For inspiration of how great this material can look when paired with yellow gold, check out the designs of Arms of Eve, Monica Vinader, Lupo (from Melbourne), or Gypsye (from Sydney).

Currently trending in the world of jewellery are natural designs inspired on the unique forms and shapes found in nature. The great outdoors is inspiring Australian designers, not only in their creations, but also in the materials they choose. From bright sapphires to natural freshwater pearls and locally mined gold, home-grown materials are growing in popularity, with collectors keen to add Australian-designed (and produced) pieces to collections that can also include investment pieces obtained from international retailers.

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