Tracey Horton: EAPs failing workers across the country as mental health issues rise

Tracey Horton
Tracey Horton

Aiming for zero tolerance: the domestic violence and abuse survivor helping others transform their lives

For the first twelve years of her life, Tracey Horton was trapped in a horrific cycle of domestic violence, physical, mental and sexual abuse. At the hands of her schizophrenic father and alcoholic mother, Horton lived a life of abuse and terror. Did it leave her scarred for life? Yes; but in the same way that a scar shows that healing has taken place, so did Horton.

Now happily married for over 30 years, with four daughters and nine grandchildren, Horton is a highly respected and sought-after international award-winning public speaker, author and life coach. In addition, she is also a successful and respected entrepreneur and business owner. Already with a strong presence on the international stage, Horton is committed to reducing the tolerance of domestic violence and sexual abuse to absolute zero. With 25 years of life coaching experience, she currently has one book published and runs four different life coaching programs, and is set to release a further two books and three coaching courses in the coming months.

“My heart is deeply attached to reducing these crimes to zero. No child and no woman should have to go through what I did. But for those who did suffer at the hands of those who should have been there to care and protect them, I’m here to help them heal,” Horton said.

Women’s Economic Forum Award winner

Horton is a qualified life coach, neuro-science practitioner and is on the board of the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF). Last month, Horton was placed on the WEF’s 100 global world changers with a portfolio of Empowering Women. She has also had the honour of winning the ‘Exceptional Woman of Excellence’ award from the WEF.

“Winning these awards and getting recognised in the field in which I work is incredibly inspiring and motivating for me. Making a difference in the lives of women is something that I am genuinely passionate about,” Horton said.

“Eliminating violence towards women of any kind requires raising issues so that they are given the platform and sanitation of daylight in order to challenge and admonish them. My involvement with WEF will help me and women worldwide achieve this while simultaneously lifting women up and galvanising their being.”

The Unhappy Smile

“My first book, ‘The Unhappy Smile’ is a self-help book and it’s where I share some of my really deep personal stories and connect with my readers. With my book, I guide readers towards rethinking how they see their lives so that they can live their true, authentic lives,” Horton said.

“Whatever they’ve been through, whatever they’re going through, they can find the strength in them to make it better for themselves and to heal.”

Programs and courses

“Besides my self-help books, I also run life coaching programs, both one-on-one or in groups, depending on what you feel is appropriate for you. The shorter programs run for six weeks while my longest program goes for 17 weeks,” Horton continued.

“Healing can take a long time, which is reflected in the duration of my courses. Healing is not something you can do over a short weekend program. It takes time and effort, but as long as you’ve taken the first step, you’re on your way to getting there. Some of my programs are about healing, others focus on finding and loving yourselves. I also have a course on how to kick-start your own internal transformation.

“I came from a dark place, and I use my experiences to help connect with women and show them that they too can heal and go on to live safe, happy lives.”

Upcoming book and courses

“As I get ready to launch my new book and new courses, I am also looking forward to sharing my knowledge here in Australia, as I have done across so many other parts of the world. I’m glad that I’ve managed to help and heal the lives of so many women throughout the globe, but it’s time to focus more on home soil,” Horton said.

“I am excited about taking part in events where I can share my messages of healing and self-worth to as many women as possible. I know the next few months are going to get really busy, but I’m a woman on a mission and I love a good challenge. If you’re a woman who’s in need of help, reach out and let me give you a hand.”

About Tracey Horton International

Tracey Horton is a domestic violence, physical, mental and sexual abuse survivor who has gone on to heal and turn her life around. Now an international award-winning public speaker, author and life coach, Horton sits on the board of the Women’s Economic Forum. Her first book, ‘The Unhappy Smile’ is a self-help book aimed at coaching women through healing. Additionally, she runs life coaching courses in group and individual settings to guide women through healing and self-transformation processes. Horton aims to achieve a zero tolerance towards abuse and domestic violence.

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