Transit Systems vaporises emissions with new Aussie built hydrogen buses

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John Storms, Managing Director, Transit Systems Victoria and Minister for Public and Active Transport Gabrielle Williams.

Transit Systems continues to steer the green mass transit shift, with the introduction of two new Australian manufactured hydrogen buses for the Victorian Government.

Transit Systems CEO Michael McGee said they have leveraged a decade of hydrogen bus experience, gained by the group during a hydrogen bus trial with Transport for London.

“Governments are looking to reduce emissions and decarbonise cities as fast and efficiently as possible, and mass transit assets, network designs and technology are the vital components in this process,” he said.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses only emit water vapour at their tailpipe, and it is estimated that the two new buses, which were manufactured by Aluminium Revolutionary Chassis Company (ARCC) in Western Sydney, will save approximately 90 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

“We know the most effective way to decarbonise a city is to attract more people onto public transport, and we can enhance that outcome with the integration of new technologies into mass transit networks.

“We’re proud to work alongside the Victorian Government and our Australian manufacturing partners to trial new technologies with the delivery of the state’s first hydrogen buses,” he said.

Transit Systems will operate the two hydrogen buses on routes including in Melbourne, Williamstown, Moonee Ponds, Footscray and Sunshine where earlier this year, the company also rolled out nine electric buses.

Transit Systems is taking part in the three-year Victorian Government ZEB Trial, which will see 52 zero emission buses – 50 electric and two hydrogen – rolled out across Melbourne, Traralgon and Seymour.

The Victorian Government’s three-year ZEB trial is helping inform the transition to zero emissions with data collected providing practical information such as how zero emission buses perform and charging or refuelling requirements for the different technology options.

The trial is also giving insights into how the buses can improve financial and environmental sustainability and foster vital local industry partnerships – such as with energy or hydrogen providers and manufacturers – that will be needed to achieve the transition across the state.

Transit Systems Victoria, Managing Director John Storms added that the ZEB trial has solidified Victoria’s position as an industry leader in transport.

“We have created a milestone in delivering the state’s first two hydrogen buses, which are also proudly Australian built.

“We’re proud to work alongside the Victorian Government and congratulate them on trialling innovations that leverage our global experience to establish new pathways forward, successfully integrating the latest technology into the local network.

“Our customers are helping Australian manufacturing and building a more sustainable future just by tapping on, and we look forward to welcoming them aboard.”

The British Oxygen Company (BOC) will provide the hydrogen gas for refuelling from its hydrogen production facility in Altona with buses being refuelled by Transit System on site at the West Footscray depot.

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