Two Leading Sustainability Awards in One Night!

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(from left to right) Chris and Katrin McMahon of Bird Habitats with David Baggs, CEO, Technical Director and Co-founder Global GreenTag International 

Congratulations today go to David Baggs, CEO of Global GreenTag International who received a well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Sustainability Awards. Held in a glittering ceremony at the Sydney Cricket ground as part of the 2023 Sustainability Summit.

David Baggs said: “What a great honour and a huge surprise – not only for me, but for our whole team at Global GreenTag.  Thank you to the Sustainability Awards, Architecture & Design and Indesign Media Asia Pacific for extending me this Award. Also to the Award sponsors, Bluescope Steel and the esteemed Judging panel.”

David was honoured for his professional leadership in sustainability education, advocacy and facilitation of professional outcomes. The Awards noted David’s consistent application of ‘his deep architectural, scientific and sustainability knowledge’, noting his 45 years in the industry and the evolution of his work culminating in world recognized standards and eco certifications our industry now relies upon.

We are also celebrating our Certification Partners Bird Habitats and their Thermal Haven Nest Boxes who took out the “Landscape and Urban” Best Product Category sponsored by Holcim. Chris and Katrin McMahon devised this product in honor of their late daughter Rose with the outcome of giving back to nature by addressing and helping to turn around the impacts of fire, urbanization and land clearing that have devastated the habitats of hollow-dwelling wildlife. Thermal Haven Nest boxes have already achieved a PlatinumHEALTH™ rating  under Global GreenTag’s PHD™ (Product Health Declaration) program and are the first to be undergoing GreenTag’s new NaturePositive+ Assessment.

“Thermal Haven Nest Boxes are a very special innovation, demonstrating a new, nature-regenerative concept that provides hollows for birds and mammals to thrive in, generations before natural regeneration processes would allow. They are made with recycled material offcuts that whilst originally taking from nature, are now are net-positive in giving back to nature,” said David.

Research and testing of the nesting Boxes showed an impressive 100 percent habitat usage rate, benefiting animals like rosellas, other birds, krefft’s gliders and possums. The project faced challenges in finding transparent suppliers, sourcing sustainable materials, and promoting renewable energy use among fabricators. Despite these hurdles, Thermal Haven Nest Boxes exemplify a commitment to genuine sustainability in the plight to provide safe habitats for wildlife.

Global GreenTag is undertaking its first Nature Positive+ Standard Assessment and Declaration certification on the Bird Habitats’ products, launching on 20th November with the nest boxes as an example of the multiple level certifications required to achieve the new standard. We are very proud to work with this team on such a groundbreaking project in honour of The Rose Foundation.

David Baggs celebrating the Lifetime Achievement Award with Tyann Scott, GreenTag’s Global Sales and Business Development Manager. 


Global GreenTag™ International Pty Ltd assesses products for all aspects of impacts on human health, ethical labour supply and the environment with the award winning Global GreenTagCert™ product certification program, and a third party, multi-criteria, consensus based and externally verified Type 1 Ecolabelling Program that complies and operates under strict International Standards.

Voted one of the Top 100 Most Trusted Brands in Australia for 3 years running, Global GreenTag currently has more than 16,000 products in certification by over 230 manufacturers with factories in more than 20 countries. Global GreenTag™ certified products are determined as healthy for use using the best science available, with the results being peer reviewed by highly qualified, external consultant Toxicologists.


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