UPS Solutions increase data centre efficiency with ManageEngine

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Shohel Khan

A leading provider of UPS battery systems leverages OpManager for faster, more efficient customer support for data centre management.

UPS Solutions, one of Australia’s leading providers of power solutions, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and new data centre infrastructure, has improved its customer support and raised its overall operational efficiency from 50 per cent to over 75 per cent with help from ManageEngine.

As a government-accredited provider, UPS Solutions offers a comprehensive range of critical infrastructure products and services, including UPS systems, cooling solutions, batteries, and remote monitoring solutions, serving the needs of small businesses, multi-national corporations, and government organisations.

UPS Solutions turned to ManageEngine with the challenge of managing a diverse range of customer environments, from smaller edge computing facilities to data centres with over 800 racks. It needed to provide its clients with robust environmental monitoring and security solutions, including access controls.

The company needed to provide 24/7 customer support with high uptime, while also offering recommendations for security tools, availability monitoring, user management, and troubleshooting.

“Communication and customer support are primarily conducted via email. As such, ensuring a secure and efficient IT environment for end users is crucial,” said Shohel Khan, data centre solutions manager at UPS Solutions.

UPS Solutions also has more than one thousand devices in the field requiring real-time monitoring, and it sought a solution that could efficiently discover and manage these devices.

The need for agility and visibility

UPS Solutions turned to ManageEngine as its solutions provider, leveraging OpManager to address these challenges. OpManager is powerful network monitoring software solution that provides deep visibility into performance. Known for its agility and efficiency in managing a wide range of network devices, it excels in real-time monitoring through various protocols, with a primary focus on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

OpManager’s SNMP-based device discovery feature offers a range of SNMP options from basic to highly secure, accommodating the varying security needs of UPS Solutions’ customers. For devices that are incompatible with SNMP, OpManager allows the use of protocol converters, providing flexibility in device monitoring.

OpManager’s dashboard and reporting capabilities have proven to be highly beneficial for UPS Solutions. The platform allows for customised monitoring and reporting, covering everything from endpoints and network­ availability to resources and performance metrics. This flexibility has enabled UPS Solutions to gather historical data and maintain a high level of visibility into its infrastructure.

OpManager also includes pre-built reports for various device types, device numbers, and poll statuses, making it a valuable resource for 24/7 monitoring agents.

Benefiting customers and end-users

ManageEngine OpManager has significantly improved UPS Solutions’ productivity and reduced its reliance on multiple monitoring tools. OpManager’s automatic adjustment of thresholds has streamlined issue identification, minimising the time the company spends on troubleshooting network latency or unresponsive devices.

“OpManager’s comprehensive feature set has allowed us to consolidate our monitoring and reporting activities, resulting in more efficient operations and a higher quality of service for our customers,” said Khan.

Achieving resounding success

UPS Solutions considers the implementation of OpManager a resounding success. The solution has increased efficiency in device management, improved visibility into network performance, and provided a unified platform for monitoring and reporting. This consolidation of tools and automation has not only enhanced UPS Solutions’ customer support offerings but also enabled it to provide more proactive recommendations and solutions as data centre capacity and demand for power and cooling support soar in Australia.

“ManageEngine’s strong community and global presence has further strengthened our confidence in the product and its continued effectiveness in meeting the evolving IT and data centre solution requirements,” said Khan.

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