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Chenin Blanc scaled 2
Chenin Blanc scaled 2
Chenin Blanc
This Chenin Blanc is sourced from a vineyard on a limestone plateau. Overlooking the Cher river, close to the village of Cheverny.
For me…I fell in love with Chenin Blanc 30 odd years ago when first working at VC.
Chenin Blanc comes in many forms from sweet to dry and every shade in-between.
This wine has a little lemon peel on the nose and in the mouth, a fine line of acidity. This wine jumps out of the glass with freshness.
However, it is best with a meal of white meats pork, chicken, seafood you get the gist.
As a stand-alone drink, I found it to be a little one dimensional and really came together with a meal.
Try a Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley or South Africa, where it’s also known as Steen and the U.S A, most notably California.
As I first stated Chenin Blanc comes in many forms from sweet to dry and every shade in-between. Chenin is a great wine style and worth trying.
Don’t be afraid to try them all I have and haven’t been disappointed yet, just pleasantly surprised. I liked some more than others of course, but that’s wine.
I find them to be interesting and delicious wines that come in such a broad range of wonderfully flavoured and elegant styles, and most importantly undiscovered in Australia…and bloody hard to sell in most cases, oh well it does get better with age so don’t be frightened to buy an older vintage.
Anyway, that’s enough about Chenin Blanc, Please just give it a go $30 will get you a good bottle to start you on your new wine adventure.

Michael Lillis

The Rot has set in.

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