px blue whale of catoosa kissing whales sign
px blue whale of catoosa kissing whales sign

Two Boys Kissing

There is a new elevator in my building. The doors open more swiftly than the old ones. This morning when the doors opened I caught two boys, well, young men, sharing a kiss.

They were a little embarrassed, but not really, they enjoyed someone witnessing their romance. Cute as buttons in their fashionable stripey shirts and designer jeans they held hands as they entered the elevator and disappeared.

Even the world’s most cynical man and that could well be me, can’t help but feel a little mooshy when faced with a new love. I love that the two people involved feel like they invented the feeling. That showing off a public kiss is displaying their relationship to the world, and it needs to be displayed because it is important.

It is important. The excitement of new love is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. Even with an old lover the memory of that first flush lingers and sustains the difficult times. Us single folk look forward to having that feeling again, even better if it is returned by the object of our affection. The very moment two people, via words or any other method, say out loud that they are completely smitten is a golden moment. Spoken honestly it is truly beautiful.

Whenever romance doesn’t go the way we’d prefer, like most of my love life, we swear off love then butter up again when a stranger stirs us. I had no desire to kiss either of the two boys in my foyer this morning, but I want to thank them for reminding me how sweet life can be.



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