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WAKEY, WAKEY filling houses & MYSTERY SLOT revealed!


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Audiences have been finding Will Eno’s latest play, WAKEY, WAKEY, deeply moving. With only three weeks of shows remaining, this gentle yet celebratory play is certain to fill up quickly. Book now to experience this exciting and transforming new work.

Here’s what the critics are saying:

“Hosking is one of the country’s most under-appreciated talents, an actor of startling depth and nuance, and he is remarkable here.”  – Time Out

“Justin Hosking’s performance is stellar. A charismatic, charming, warm performance that is instantly engaged with a raw honesty.” – You Should See It Melbourne

“Nicole Nabout gives a very grounded performance…delicate and powerfully emotional moments that pack a real punch right towards the end.” – You Should See It Melbourne
“Hosking’s piercing gaze, jovial manner and perfectly timed pauses evoked empathy and sincerity as we follow his ponderings and physical decline. His clever use of light and shade created a sense of genuine trust and authentic connection.” – Theatre People

“Red Stitch’s commitment to contemporary writers is admirable, as well as their dedication to chronicle ordinary lives impacted by extraordinary events. Contemplative and intriguing, Wakey Wakey suits a reflective audience who wishes to ponder the large questions of our world and within ourselves.” 
– Theatre People


by Will Eno
Directed by David Myles
Playing until May 19

WAKEY, WAKEY will be Auslan interpreted by Auslan Stage Left on Saturday, May 11 at 3pm. Contact boxoffice@redstitch.net for further information.

Images by Teresa Noble Photography


will receive its Victorian premiere at Red Stitch

A talented young female writer, an A-list actor and an ambitious West End director meet to discuss the most important new play of the decade – if they can only agree on exactly what it’s about! Fragile egos, the faultlines of contemporary politics and the all-pervasive power of the entertainment industry loom large, and may very well derail the entire project.

This searing comedy fills our MYSTERY SLOT for season 2019 at Red Stitch. Playing from 20 August to 22 September, book tickets now or purchase a FLEXI-4 subscription and save!

Around Town: Ticket Giveaway

Win a double pass to Sydney Dance Company’s 50th Anniversary thrilling triple bill featuring the world premiere of Rafael Bonachela’s Cinco, Gabrielle Nankivell’s new work Neon Aether and Melanie Lane’s WOOF.
Premiering 8-11 May in Melbourne.
Enter here.

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