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Now is our moment. It’s time to soak up all the live music we’ve been missing.

That incredible feeling of singing along to your favourite band in a crowd of thousands, arms around your mate under an open sky. It’s something that just doesn’t work on a screen. We need to experience it IRL.

It’s been a long road to get here, but the end is in sight. With a vaccinated nation, live events can and will happen. We’ve missed them. They’ve missed us. That’s why WAM is proud to partner with the L.I.V.E. Alliance to promote the #VaxTheNation campaign. 

#VAXTHENATION is a joint effort by over 400 of Australia’s biggest Artists, Performers, Leading Tour Promoters, Music Festivals, Venues, Ticketing Agencies, Record Labels, Comedy Producers, Theatre and Opera Companies, Streaming Platforms, Industry Associations, Peak Bodies and more. We’re all united by the same vision: ending the constant interruptions to our live entertainment culture by encouraging everybody to get vaccinated. We all have a part to play in getting back to the gigs, events, concerts and festivals we love.

“Music and events bring people together, COVID-19 pulls people apart. Let’s not let it win. It’s time to say goodbye to uncertainty. Don’t procrastinate, vaccinate.” – THE JUNGLE GIANTS

Live entertainment is one of the nation’s most beloved pastimes. In 2019, it contributed a whopping $36.5bn to our economy, with over 26 million tickets sold. It’s also been on of the hardest-hit by the pandemic; as the first to close and last to open, nearly 80,000 working Australians have lost their jobs. Venues have closed (sometimes for good), economic opportunity worth billions has vanished.

So no matter who you are, your background or where you live, now’s time to get vaccinated. We guarantee the first show back will be one of the best of your life. There’s nothing on Earth that compares to seeing it for real.

Do you think a vaccination pop up clinic is a good idea for events? What about free incentives for vaccinated patrons? A ‘Thank You’ festival for those that have rolled up for WA? What are some of your ideas to help #StopTheInterruptions?

For more information on the initiative, head to

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