If you’re into art, you probably have good taste in fashion. After all, fashion is considered a form of art. Perhaps you’ve also considered incorporating your love for art into what you wear every day. That’s not surprising, especially now that wearable art is getting increasingly popular. 

Because of the wearable art trend, celebrities, artists, and fashion designers are taking advantage of the different advancements in fabric production and printing technology. But then, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own take on this rising craze. You, too, can wear your masterpieces if you’d like. 

Wearing Your Art And Imagination 

Turning art into fashion can help you create a unique signature style. Moreover, if you ever think of starting a business, your idea can be a lucrative source of income that allows you to express your love and appreciation for art and fashion. 

Ready to get started? Here are some ways you can try to turn art into fashion: 

  • Design And Print Your Own Shirts 

One of the best and easiest ways to wear art is by making customized clothes. Shirts, in particular, can be personalized, designed, and printed on your own if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd through fashion.  

You can design your own t-shirt with Tee Junction if you’re from Sydney. If you have a knack for design and art, you can create your own design from scratch. You can also use ready-made templates and designs for the shirt you want to make. T-shirt printing businesses offer screen and digital printing services depending on what you want for your shirts. 

Shirts are versatile and easy to print on, which means you can use your drawings, graphic designs, and other ideas to come up with a unique style that you can call your own. Pair them with pants, shorts, skirts, or jackets, and you already have eye-catchy outfits to mix and match. 

  • Do The Same With Sweatshirts, Dresses, Skirts, And More 

Aside from artsy and customized shirts, you can also transform other items in your wardrobe as a nod to wearable art. Personalized sweatshirts are perfect for snuggle weather. You can wear them every day, at home, at school, or even at work. The key is to know what other clothing pieces to pair with to create the look you want for a given day or occasion. 

The same goes for dresses and skirts that you can design however you like. If you have a flair for painting or drawing, you can apply different art methods or styles to reinvent your daily fashion staples. Whether it’s funky neon patterns or dainty watercolour pastel flowers you feel like wearing for the day, you’re free to get unique and creative. 

Pants and shorts could use a little colour, bling, and embellishments. You can print or write words on your pants for graphic impact if you’re into poetry. Wearing these pants with your customized shirts or jackets can surely give you a look unlike anyone else’s. Graphic tees work well with these pants if you’re looking for concert or festival outfit ideas

wearable art: 4 ways to turn art into fashion  
Draws clothing design. Workplace atelier with notepad. Tailoring order.
  • Wear Your Creativity Through Accessories 

Some may think that wearable art is relatively expensive, and maybe it is, in a way. That’s because powerhouse designers and expensive brands have also been releasing their own takes on this fashionable trend. Runway shows and collections are often inspired by artists or specific art directions and eras. Those types of chic art don’t come cheap. 

If you’re looking for a workaround that allows you to wear art without spending thousands of dollars, you can incorporate it through your accessories. Silk scarves, for example, can already transform your look if you style them in different ways. You can wear a colourful scarf on your neck, tie it around your bag, or use it as a bandana or headwrap. 

You can design or hand paint your own scarves. This idea also works for other accessories, such as tote bags, caps, and bucket hats. Aside from giving your style a defined signature look, accessories can also elevate your outfits in different ways.  

  • Give Your Shoes A Makeover 

An outfit won’t be complete without shoes. Another fun and artistic idea you can try to make wearable art happen is giving your shoes a makeover. A pair of heels, for instance, can use more colours and glitters for a more eye-catchy masterpiece. If you have velvet shoes, you can dip the tips into golden glitter to make them more attractive and creative. 

You can paint or draw on your canvas sneakers for a more casual look. Look for quality fabric paints that won’t ruin your shoes, especially if you own branded ones. You can also attach adhesives, DIY patches, pins, and other embellishments you want for a more striking transformation. 


Wearable art allows you to highlight your love for fashion and art. While you can choose to buy expensive brands and creations, you also have the option to make your own creative pieces. Try the tips and ideas above to turn art into fashion in wearable ways. 

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