What Could Your Poo Say About You?

New Research Links Microbiome and Personality

Micro Bioeme
Micro Bioeme

The composition of the bacteria in your intestines (known interchangeably as “microflora” or “gut microbiome”) could have diverse implications for personality and behaviour, ranging from likes and dislikes, desired career, earning potential, intelligence, general disposition, hobbies, creativity and personal style.

Recent research conducted by the University of Gastroenterology has demonstrated a link between the type and number of resident bacteria in the large and small intestines to personality.

Faeces were analysed from over 100 willing participants, the results of which were then mapped against multiple popular psychological frameworks for personality type. Participants were kept as in-patients for a period of 1 month, followed a regimented diet, had social interaction limited to relevant clinical interview sessions and took part in simulated crisis scenarios to assess their response to stress.

This study comes along with a wave of research over the past two decades which attempts to understand what is termed the “microbiome-gut-brain axis”, defined as the exchange of biochemical signals between the intestines and the neurological system. Other studies have proposed long-sought-after explanations for diseases such as depression and autism, directly correlating digestive and mental health.

what could your poo say about you?

It has even been suggested that a clinical comparison of stool samples could be used to assess your compatibility with potential romantic partners, providing a memorable new strategy for breaking that first-date ice.

Additionally, the future advent of home testing kits promises to provide a quick and accessible “daily horoscope”, giving users a science-based glance into the prospects for their post morning coffee productivity and social efficacy.

Gary Wakefield, the lead gastric specialist behind the research, has stated “We are only at the very start of understanding the many ways that our tracts could influence and define us. Right now, it is imperative that further research receives appropriate and ample funding to further uncover the complex workings of the mind and belly.”

Wakefield’s new book, Your Poo and You, can be purchased now from all good bookstores.

More resources about poo – https://www.penguin.com.au/books/whats-your-poo-telling-you-9780091958701

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