What Is a fire pit? How to choose the best custom fire pit for yourself?

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Fire pits are basically pits that are dug into the ground to light a fire. They act as a delightful setting in the backyard; it is a critical element of recreating a campfire like an experience.

Smaller fire pits are readily available in the market, and you can find these easily in stores. Your search for custom fire pits in Australia or the UK ends with Laser Cut Fire Pits. This concept of firepit is exceptionally cosy and unique and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Uses of a firepit?

Firepit helps you keep warm when there is a lovely evening outside or a family/friends get together. It keeps you warm and also creates an excellent ambience.

These fire pits can also be used for barbecues. There is a unique metal fireplace called BBQ fire pit, which is suitable with a grill on top of the hot embers.

It can be a great source of light when you want to shift from indoor lighting to outdoor. While many might argue the light from BBQ fire pits isn’t that bright, it is enough to create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for a solo date.

Best for camping, these fire pits help create an ambience that is best for camping. Gather your friends and family and enjoy the fire pit. Have your table set, make barbecues and enjoy.

Types of custom fire pits in Australia

Wood burning

These are basically home-made campfires that give an authentic feel of listening to wood cracking inside the fire pit and sensing that unique scent of burning wood that reminds us of roasting barbecues.


They are probably the most convenient type and often end up being the number one choice for plenty of homeowners.


The third most common type of firepits is the one that is fuelled by gel. The main advantage of this being it does not produce any smell and is smokeless.

Natural gas fire pits

These are permanent fixtures in the backyard, and they never run out of fuel and thus are safe and secured.

How to choose one?

While you can find and search for many shops providing custom fire pits, you can choose the best one by reviews on Google, just by searching custom fire pit in Australia. Below are some steps to find the perfect customized fire pit for your necessities. 

Pick your style

With many different styles to choose from, you need to decide which one type is ideally based on the area of your backyard and the use it has for you.

Pick your fuel

Choosing gasless fuel or needless natural fuel is another task that needs your attention. Propane and natural gas being the two types of energies, have their own pros and cons, which are to be carefully chosen.


The dimensions of your backyard also matter a lot while choosing the fire pit of your choice. Keep in mind that a fire pit should be away from fuel or any flammable materials. 

Picking materials

Materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel are to be chosen too. Some are expensive while the others are long-lasting. Choosing the material based on your need for quality and price is another step in choosing the custom fire pit.

Know local laws

Some large fire pits require a gas line that should first be discussed with the local office. They would better be able to inform you about the regulations and rules that exist which might otherwise cause you trouble.

Pick contractor

When it comes to large fire pits or natural gas fire pits, you might need a contractor who is professional in this area of expertise and has complete vision, thereby helping you choose the best at a minimal cost.

So, the next time you plan an outdoor house party, finding a fire pit won’t be that hard. 

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