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Where to find Tanya Lee Davies in November

Tanya Lee Davies
Tanya Lee Davies
Music maker. Word weaver. Collage creator. Song singer. Heart seeking missile. Melbourne, Australia.

Helloooo readers, I’m cutting straight to the chase because any wit & fancy turn of phrase that I may usually be able to muster has gone on holiday, I think I left my smarts in WA. Wish I’d left the shoddy weather there too. If you want to come to hear me sing with my posse of high-class musical partners please read on ……
Tonight November 2nd at Transport Downstairs at Federation Square with Sam Lemann, Ash Davies and Andy Scott. 9 – 11 Free entrevous.

November 12  is going to be a really beautiful thing. Twenty years ago Sherry Rich Ash Naylor made an album and called themselves THE GRAPES. I loved it from my first listen and I love them for asking me to be a special guest at the anniversary show at The Ember Lounge in Memo Music Hall  in St Kilda. Tix via

November 14 is a big day. I finally start to mix my very patient album. I’m heading to Roger Bergodaz at Union St Studios as I love the work coming out his sound cave which includes Freya Josephine Hollick, Tess McKenna, Sean McMahon, Jeb Cardwell and my favourite band in the world right now, Lost Ragas.  

November 27 at The Dogs Bar with Sam Lemann, Andy Scott and Bruce Haymes. Our last show at  the Acland St institution was quite wonderful, we had the best crowd. Very happy to be a part of the Good Rockin’ Mamas series. I’ll be singing songs by the girls who have influenced and inspired me.

Then back to Transport on November 30 downstairs at Fed Sq from 8 til 11pm.

**TIPS**   Go and see Birds of Passage at the cinema, you won’t be sorry. And commit random acts of kindness to offset the madness.

That’s it from me… Thank you a million times for all the support and lurve you give me in the making of the music. xxx TLD

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