Work Polo Shirts: Most Versatile Way To Make Your Corporate Appearance Fashionable

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work polo shirts 1 2

Previously, the work polo shirt used to be a dull and unimaginative fashion most suited to a uniform space. However, this seems to be the most suitable option for women and men who look for a ‘dress down’ fashion approach. Read on for understanding the basics of this fashion item!

What is a polo shirt?

A polo shirt is a casual and short-sleeved shirt made of cotton with an opening at the front with buttons and a collar around the neck. It is one of the most varied branded kinds of shirts that a man could possess. It’s ideal for the summer season. From leisurewear to sporting attire, it can be work with chinos, seersucker, Madras, and shorts. It is an ideal site to find a man sporting a polo shirt in a tennis court, golf course, or beach. However, if it is a staple item for the corporate office is the most important question here.

Why wear a polo shirt to work?

Casual workplace clothing has various nuances, and thus, a few styling tips might be handy. Employees need to adopt a sharp dressing sense suited to diverse occasions. At work polo shirts is necessary for the uniform mainstay of the causal business closet.

work polo shirts: most versatile way to make your corporate appearance fashionable

Polo shirt could be made of jersey, polyester blend, or pique cotton. The material which is selected is a mainstay of how formal it could look. When the temperature gets soaring, professionals might find it increasingly difficult to look prim and proper. Coupled with this, an outdoor business event could precipitate a catastrophe or dressing dilemma. Thankfully, these work polo shirts are made of 100% cotton such as jersey or pique cotton, which can help maintain cool and composure and keep the professional appearance intact.

So, take the company spirit a level higher by having the perfectly embroidered and customized work polo shirt in your corporate wardrobe. The bonus is customizing them by adding the company logo and name.

The polo shirt was introduced in 1896. This iconic formal button-down shirt helped to transform the facet of menswear forever.

It is a classic and timeless clothing piece and also the best alternative for the traditional shirt.

However, work polo shirts could be of various kinds:

  • Long sleeve work polo shirt: This is most befitting for office parties and casual workplace gatherings.
  • Short-sleeve work polo shirt: Best for outdoor events for businesses and entertainments. Both for men and women available according to the requirement. Highly comfortable and branded. By teeming it with stylish accessories like sneakers and chinos, one can add to the appeal. It is perfect for office dinners.
  • Knitted work polo shirt: This one is most befitting for cooler and warmer months. They have a cushy and soft feel and are paired best with sleek tapered trousers and suede jackets.
  • Classic cotton work polo shirts: This one is the most soothing for smart casual for official events and occasions. Companies and businesses use it merges with the official and casual by bold colors that might make you stand out.

work polo shirts: most versatile way to make your corporate appearance fashionable

Therefore, either the plain colored and simplistically designed polo or the ones having mesh panels and coming in quick-drying and polyester fabrics, work polo shirts are the classic go-to options for making the business occasion special. It helps one to make a workplace impression and win extra attention. So, if you are thinking of what to wear next for a business dinner or office party, why not opt for a work polo shirt and team it with the right accessory for adding that extra touch to your personality and appeal.

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