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isobelblackthorn.files .wordpress.com201611woman golden light 232x300 c3f05afbcea502e4fa4820d9e80790bc26bf9d65

Delighted that my piece on creative flow has been published today on the Authors Talk About It website!

Here’s an extract:
“It was my daughter who put me onto flow. I could attribute the insight to my old hippy boyfriend back in the 1980s, for he was always telling me to ‘go with the flow’, travel along with life unfolding, but what he really meant, as I soon learned, was I had to go with his flow. Whereas my daughter alerted me to another sort of flow altogether.
Elizabeth was pointing to creative flow. Although she didn’t call it flow at first. That came later when she was introduced to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book called Flow. Elizabeth is a pianist and composer and she knew about flow because she’s shaped her life around it. And as a teacher she sees how others struggle with flow. Students who find it hard to reach a point of being at one with the music they are playing. Or when they struggle to sustain it….”
You can read the whole piece here.…-in-the-wings/

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