Youth Sailing Program Helps Young People Navigate Life’s Challenges

yachts sailing
yachts sailing

Balmoral Sailing Club, run by Jono and Sylvie Allen for the past 28 years, holds many programs and lessons that help young people navigate life’s challenges. 

Learn to sail and school holiday programs are included in the many activities that Balmoral Sailing Club hold to engage young people in the general community and the sailing community. 

Balmoral Sailing Club also holds birthday parties and a variety of lessons to keep kids active. The variety and large amount of lessons and other activities that young people can participate in through Balmoral Sailing Club creates an avenue for youth in Mosman and surrounding NSW towns and suburbs to partake in society and community. 

Clubs and programs that hold lessons and activities for youth to engage in outside of school hours such as Balmoral Sailing Club have great benefits for the local youth. Studies have shown that youth that participate in extra-curricular programs such as sailing have improved academic performance, physical health, classroom and general behaviour, as well as reducing the risk of negative behaviours such as drug use. 

Needless to say, occupying youth with a safe, active, and community-centric place to be outside of school hours is extremely beneficial for the youth themselves as well as the society around them. 

Balmoral Sailing Club holds lessons for sailing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, catamaran ‘joyriding’ and a unique activity named mindfulness paddling. These sports and activities all embrace general and specific benefits for youth. 

Interested in learning more about life on the waves? Check out more of the exciting and skill developing activities available.


The benefits for youth who participate in sailing and sailing lessons are unique. 

Sailing has been associated with health benefits, but many behavioural and socio-emotional benefits as well. 

Participating in sailing lessons enable young people to develop the skills and behaviours including: 

  • Grit
  • Resilience
  • Determination
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Friendship
  • Sportsmanship
  • Learning to lose and acceptance
  • Patience
  • Responsibility and emotion management
  • Discipline

Sailing is extremely beneficial for children and young people in many ways including preparing them for adult life, assisting the learning of many desirable personalities and behavioural traits, as well as making interaction and communication with other young people and adults a comfortable exercise.


Windsurfing holds many fitness and health benefits. 

Taking part in windsurfing lessons will raise a young person’s fitness and active level substantially as well as empowering them to find fulfilment through the sport. 

Windsurfing, as an outdoor sport, holds health benefits, both physical and mental, through the exposure to vitamin-d, the vital use of your core muscles and your cardio-vascular system, endurance, fat and calorie-burning. 

The exhilaration and freedom of windsurfing has also been associated with empowerment and other mental benefits too.


Paddle-surfing has incredible and unique health benefits as it is a low-impact sport, great for the developing bodies of children and young people.

While it is low-impact, paddle-surfing has a full-cross training style because it engages almost all of the muscles and systems in the body, creating high fitness levels and high engagement levels of the cardio-vascular system. 

According to the mental health experts at Living Consciously, “the mind also benefits from paddle-surfing as it is an outdoor sport that is empowering, especially since paddle-surfing can be learned even if you are not a particularly fit or sporty person, which makes it a great opportunity for young people who have never had the chance to participate in a sport before.”

Catamaran Joy-Riding

Balmoral Sailing Club offers an activity/lesson named Catamaran Joy-Riding, which involves riding in a fast-moving catamaran with a trained professional. Catamarans are a particularly safe water vehicle, making it the perfect fit for our young people. 

Balmoral Sailing Club also offers Catamaran Joy-Riding as a family session, which promotes bonding between youth and their family members. 

According to family and adolescent mental health experts Thinking Families, bonding activities between families can strengthen relationships, noting “the exhilaration and empowerment associated with being on the water at speed also hold mental health benefits for young people and older people alike. This can help to foster closer relationships and create stronger bonds between family members.”

Mindfulness Paddling

Balmoral Sailing Club offers a very unique activity named Mindfulness Paddling. 

This lesson includes light paddle-boarding with a focus on mindfulness and mental health. The lesson focuses on developing paddle-boarding skills while also engaging in and learning about mindfulness, what it is, and what it can do. 

The benefits of mindfulness among young people are becoming more known every day, and research is showing continually great signs. 

This is reinforced by the mindfulness experts at Emotional Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling who agree, saying “mindfulness has been linked to improved physical and mental health which is perfect for adolescents going through life’s changes and requiring a way to relax, unwind and focus.”

The Mindfulness Paddling program additionally holds all the benefits that paddle-surfing does. 

Are You Ready to Get on The Water?

The programs run by Jono and Sylvie Allen at Balmoral Sailing Club provide benefits across health, both mental and physical, social, emotional, and general benefits enjoyed by young people. 

Young people in Mosman and surrounding areas that participate and join in on the lessons and activities offered by Balmoral Sailing Club are likely to be more well-rounded young people with greater skills to navigate life as young people and as adults. 

The skills learned through the lessons at Balmoral Sailing Club are applicable to many challenges that life may throw, empowering young people to sail through life as smoothly as possible. According to the experts at Open For Life, who found that improving one’s skills at tackling life requires active change. Stating that; “You’ll need to put in the work necessary to achieve personal growth, but when you do, the rewards will be immense.”

stand up paddle boarding

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