2021 – Adieu: Welcome now to 2022

Editorial 3
Editorial 3

It would be difficult to describe the year of 2021 as anything but difficult, challenging and pretty bloody awful!

Mind you, it is easily arguable that the previous year of 2020 was worse, so sometimes when we look back on a year we need to take into consideration context – of years previous.

COVID is quite possibly the most spoken or written word of the year, yet, it’s hard to see it not continuing with its prominence in 2022,

One thing 2021 did have was COVID vaccines, and even though the overwhelming majority of Australian’s have had two initial shots, and many have had a booster, it’s also hard to see vaccination dropping down the list of things most discussed in 2022.

2021 saw the divisions bought on by the politics of Donald Trump in 2020 supplanted by the divisions caused by COVID societal restrictions and, COVID vaccination – there’s that word COVID again!

The idiocy behind the many claims regarding the dangers of vaccination remind us, that in some ways a new “dark-ages” can always just be over the horizon. However, with over 93% of all Australian’s over the age of 12 having now received one vaccination and over 90% having had 2 vaccinations, Aussies in general have proven once again that they are responsive to the science of health.

Yet as disruptive as COVID is, it is not the only major issue that challenges us all. In fact there are many. However the overwhelming one, the one that has the potential to have an effect on all other issues is – Global Warming & Climate Change!

Although somewhat pushed into the background by COVID, the effects of climate change have not lessened and have in fact increased. The severity, the often apparent randomness and the intensity of weather changes, globally and locally, all point back to climate change.

The science is in! In fact it has been in for some time. The increase in human activity is having an adverse reaction on the planets weather and environmental stability. 

We all have heard the term, despite its lack of historical truth, “Rome burns while Nero fiddles”.  So, it’s hard not to have that at this issue at the forefront of thoughts when it comes to Government action or inaction.

Leadership should come from the top! Currently that is not the case.  The cries of what about other countries; this country or that are not doing enough, is a furphy!

In the 70’s, the environmental movement had a slogan that is as valid today as then.

Think globally – Act locally!

Humans have always faced challenges.  Some challenges are thrust upon us, some we take up because we need to push boundaries or we see a need for change.

The challenges ahead of us in 2022 will be, and in fact are, many.

How we as individuals and how we as a nation rise to meet them, may not only define us as individuals, but may very likely define this country and, be part of the defining the future of humanity.

One thing is for certain, there will be struggles during 2022 and it’s probably never been so important as it is right now, for we the people, to take action, not to sit back and wait for others. 

So, we at the Toorak Tikes and Tagg wish you all a happy 2022 and hope that has many of your dreams as possible come to fruition.

Remember – Think globally, act locally and make your thoughts known and as John Lennon wrote” “We hope it’s a good one, without any fear!”

Rob Greaves – Senior Editor

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