3207BeachPatrol.  Thanks for coming out on CUAD


3207beachpatrol.  thanks for coming out on cuad

A record turn out for 3207Beachpatrol

CUAD brings big numbers of Volunteers & a lot of litter collected

Wow.  What a great turnout.  I lost count over 50 people.  Thanks to all who came.  Great to see young families there too.
There were 17 bags of rubbish and 118 bottles collected off the beach.   By the time we got to the café is was 130.
Then Ramona and I rode over to Westgate park to help out on their clean.  A few other 3207BP’ers came over too.  After picking up bottles along the street to get there plus from their cleaning area, the grand total of bottles and cans for the day was a massive 453.   Who apart from a few in the government doesn’t think this is a problem?

We had a number of new people including 5 young women studying Environmental conservation at uni.  One (above right) was having a birthday and the others brought her to the clean as their birthday present to their friend.  How cute.

Our Next Group Clean is at
Port Melbourne Dog Beach and the PM LSC Beach
Meeting at Lagoon Pier

When: Saturday 1st April, 9am – 10am

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