5 Things Youths Are Attracted To

Youths 2
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The technological age has ushered in a lot of change in the world. This change is so drastic that trends and popular activities a decade ago are now becoming irrelevant. If you look around today, you will notice thousands of new trends that pop up weekly, ranging from information to challenges and so on.

However, some activities are prevalent in the world right now across all cultures and places. Some of these activities only popped up recently, while some of these trends have been around for a while. That said, this article will help to highlight five things youths are attracted to in 2021.

1.     Technology

5 things youths are attracted to

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It’s no surprise that technology tops this list. When you ask a young person to name something they can’t do without, many of them are quick to say their social media interactions or their internet usage in general.

That’s why you see them all hunched over their phones all the time. If they’re not interacting with their social media world, they are probably on the internet keeping up-to-date with the news and watching funny YouTube videos. One report shows that 95% of teens have a smartphone or access to one.

2.     Vaping

5 things youths are attracted to

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For people who don’t know, vaping simply inhales vapor using a vape device or any other vaping instrument. These often contain a liquid that consists of nicotine, flavoring, and other chemicals. If you want to vape, all you would have to do is heat the liquid into a vapor and inhale. Vaping has caught the heart of many youths, as vape sale has become rampant in the population. Approximately 20% of people aged 18 to 29 vape, and 9% of adults in the US say they vape either regularly or occasionally.

It is a fun activity that a lot of young adolescents and adults like to do. It’s become so commonplace that if you were going to a party today, there’s a massive chance that vape and vaping materials are available. There are big ones and then disposable, portable vapes, which are the favorite of many. There are many vape flavors that you can try. Spearmint vape device by I Love Salts is readily available.

3.     Watching sports

Sports is an activity that has been trendy for many generations. Undoubtedly, this trend continues today, seeing that as many as 154 million Americans still watch sports at least once a month. Some of the most popular sports include Football, soccer, and basketball. Interestingly, about 90% of teens currently watch and are emotionally attached to at least one sport. 80% of them actively participate in sports activities.

These statistics are pretty good, seeing as sports and sporting activities help to keep the body healthy. There was even a massive increase in teen sports participation in 2018.

4.     Gaming

5 things youths are attracted to

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The gaming industry has always been huge, but it has undoubtedly gotten a massive increase in audience within the past decade. Everyone either likes to play games, wants to play games, or is actively in the gaming industry. Some like to play casually with a few friends, while many others choose to compete online. What’s better is that the gaming industry keeps on giving. There is always something new to complete, a new game to play, or new foes to challenge and conquer.

There were about 2.5 billion people playing all sorts of video games as far back as 2016. Many analysts have predicted this number to rise by as much as 80% by 2025. Professionals conducted a survey in 2018 which found out that 46% of people in the US who actively play games are between 13 to 18 years. 15 to 19-year-olds spent at least 49 minutes of their time gaming after a long day.

Finally, another report said that 38% of people between 18-34 years game regularly in 2021. All these statistics show that youths play games the most, as they are attracted to them. It is so beneficial to mental health and is a way to get incredible amounts of dopamine and other happy chemicals.

5.     Food

5 things youths are attracted to

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Humans are undoubtedly attracted to fantastic-looking foods and tastes. Due to the divergence in culture now, there are thousands of cuisines to try out. In the past decade, people have discovered all sorts of new ways to prepare popular foods such as Pizza, Tacos, Pasta, Sushi, and so on. That said, it’s not a shock that youths continued to be attracted to the food community.

Young men aged 20 to 39 are the biggest consumers in the fast-food industry, with 46.5% eating all sorts of fast-foods daily. Additionally, 43.3% of women around this same age range eat fast food daily.

Final Words

The youth today are attracted to a lot of trends. Many of these trends are entertaining, educational, funny, and so on. Although there are thousands of trends, the five above are undoubtedly what the youth consider attractive right now.

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