7 reasons why you should recycle


Our current methods are unsustainable, and we need more innovative rubbish removal methods to make this world a more sustainable place to live. Here are some reasons,which will make each one of us value as well as care for plastic before throwing it away:

Recycling Plastic

 In Europe, energy recovery is widely used, generating energy for residential neighbourhoods at very low cost and in a sustainable way. Eye, the plastic of postindustrial use is recycled about 95%, and in the case of plastic waste of houses, only 12.5% ​​is recycled. The numbers that appear within the arrows of the recycling symbol on each plastic product indicate the type of plastic from which the product is made.In the last 20 years, the weight of a plastic bottle of drink has dropped by an average of 30%, just as that of a drum of detergent has decreased by 65%. On average, the weight of containers and packaging has fallen by 28% in this period. The industry has played an important role in this reduction. For example, in the case of bags, these are now 70% lighter and thinner than they were in 1980 and all 100% recyclable.

Recycling Paper Waste

There are several reasons why cardboard and paper must be disposed of.

Firstly, the production of paper can greatly harm the environment, especially in the early stages of the production process. Many toxins (formaldehyde, chlorine dioxide and others) get into the environment. Waste paper recycling is a much less hazardous process for the environment; less harmful chemicals and toxins enter the atmosphere. According to US environmentalists, water and air pollution are reduced by 35% and 74%, respectively, during waste processing.

Secondly, recycling of secondary plastic and paper reduces the amount of energy consumed by production enterprises. According to various estimates, a properly organized waste processing process can reduce the amount of electricity used from 40% to 65%.

Thirdly, the organization of the process of processing cardboard, waste paper, helps to reduce the volume of deforestation. According to statistics, over the past few decades, humanity has begun to use more paper 4-5 times, every year, we consume millions of tons of paper. More than a third of all trees cut down on the planet go to pulp and paper mills, and only 16% of the total are trees specially grown for the industry. Processing tons, depending on quality and type, can save from one to two tons of wood.

1 Avoid water pollution:

About thirty per cent of the garbage in the water. When this water reaches the landfills, it mixes with the different wastes and becomes a very toxic pollutant. They are called percolated liquids, which at the end of the process are up to 20 times more toxic than how they arrived at the landfill. Not having landfills with percolated liquids containment systems, they infiltrate the underground layers, thus contaminating the aquifer and endangering the entire population that lives below the landfill. An excellent way to avoid this is to compost in your home, so, you will only generate dry waste, and you will earn an excellent fertilizer for your plants.

2 Generate decent local employment:

Recycling is a very smart way to generate prosperity in a country. Well, materials that were to be disposed of, with a high cost, are transformed back into raw materials, with much lower costs and great savings in water, energy and pollution. Unfortunately, many of the people who do this noble work, the Base Recyclers, must obtain the waste in inhuman conditions, digging in the landfills.

That also happens in the Lake Zone, where we have seen children and people with special needs work in the landfill. If we separated the waste at the source, this waste could be taken directly to sorting and packaging plants, indecent and hygienic conditions. It is a paradoxical fact that, in general, grassroots recyclers have a great sense of pride in their work. They are aware of its importance, despite the great effort it entails. It is said that a society is measured by the way it treats the humblest people of it. What if we take a big step towards the dignity and prosperity of our world?

3 Reduce pests and bad odours:

By separating solid and organic waste, there will be a great decrease in the generation of odours in landfills and landfills. And pests like flies and rats will see their niche greatly diminished, due to lack of food. This will also disinfect wildlife to get closer, avoiding possible poisoning.

4 Increase public awareness:

Recycling at home is a task that is carried out on a daily basis, for the good of the community and nature. Is it possible to separate this? In countries where national recycling campaigns have been implemented, increased environmental awareness in citizens has emerged as an unexpected consequence. However, in the beginning, the implementation of these campaigns has not been beyond criticism.

5 Improving municipal finances:

An important fraction of the municipal budget goes to garbage collection. Let us invite our authorities to stop throwing our money in the trash and use it in education, health and environmental conservation! The trick is that we also have to do our part.

6 Protect the Climate and avoid fires:

When we recycle, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, the main cause of Climate Change, thus protecting the climate. For example, when we recycle glass, we allow the discarded glass to be transformed back into glass, which is much more efficient than re-creating it based on sand. Likewise, the decomposition of organic waste in landfills and sanitary landfills generates methane gas, which is very combustible and contributes greatly to Climate Change.

7 Enhance the Image of the City:

Today, the environmental issue is in vogue and gains more followers every day. Activities such as tourism depend on the scenic beauty of the towns. Likewise, a city that treats its waste properly can generate an infrastructure of great beauty using disused materials such as tires, for constructions, mosaic ceramics, etc. The beauty of the landscape in which we live is not indifferent to our quality of life. Undoubtedly, beauty fills us with enthusiasm and optimism, both ourselves and our children and older adults. Here are some other reasons why we must recycle.


We influence our actions and inaction the landscape of the world in which we live. Let’s take a step towards awareness, prosperity, dignity and beauty.

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